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Women’s haircut: professional haircut and hairstyle service in Milan

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Transform your look with cutting and styling services from Unity Beauty

At Unity Beauty, we have a clear mission towards your hair: to achieve the perfect blond, in the shade you desire, with a fashionable cut, thanks to innovative treatments that will always allow you to have a natural color.

We are careful to meet the needs and demands of a demanding clientele, who always like to have a well-groomed, simple and fashionable look and who rely on us confident that they will be able to find a trained team and excellent quality of products.

What we would like you to understand from the outset is. every hair is different, and so it needs different care and coloring techniques that don’t have to force you to go back to the hairdresser every three weeks anyway to have to revive the color or because you have yellow and orange hues that don’t satisfy you at all and make the hair look dull.

The type of treatment to get a perfect blond color also depends on the amount of melanin pigment, which is responsible for hair coloring and aging. For this reason, an a priori assessment of the structure and chemistry of the hair is necessary to find the most correct treatment, and prevent it from being damaged or weakened.

Our goal is always to have a result that lasts as long as possible, reviving even those hairs that have been damaged in the past due to unsuitable coloring. The priority is to protect the health of the hair without stressing it.

Don’t miss the opportunity to find out how our hair styling service can transform your look.

For more information contact us and let our specialists advise you.

We at Unity Beauty will make your fear of ruining your hair disappear forever, because we use only dyes that are free of ammonia and harmful substances. Quality and naturalness always come first.
The coloring process is natural and healthy, resulting in vivid, shiny, glowing color that is never fake or artifact.

Color durability is high, and continuous touch-ups are not necessary because the techniques used are noninvasive, although they take longer. The result is exactly the blond you wanted, although in some cases you will have to be patient and rely completely on the professionalism of our staff.

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So many professional services at Unity Beauty

At Unity Beauty, we know how to find the ideal cut and hairstyle for every woman, adapting it to her face and her demands.

If you have always wanted to have long, straight hair but have never really been able to get the result you hoped for because of wavy, frizzy hair, you can rest assured that we will be able to fulfill your desire. We have available a smoothing and repairingkeratin treatment that provides excellent results even on curly and unruly hair.

Keratin is the main component of the hair fiber and has a very strong restructuring and protective power. It helps brittle and damaged hair, making it strong, elastic, soft, smooth, shiny. Its effect is immediate and lasts for months.

Ironing through the use of keratin has countless benefits, including making hair soft and shiny, pleasant to the touch, and also sheltering it from weather eventssuch as rain, dust, wind and smog. Your hair will no longer have frizz even at very high humidity.

After application, the care to follow is very simple: you can wash the garment immediately and dry normally. The only caution will be to use sulfate-free shampoos and masks.

The use of keratin is suitable for all types of hair, and it contains no chemicals, as it is simply a protein, an element that is naturally present in our bodies. However, the treatment must be carried out by experienced personnel to dose the right amount needed for the type of hair, distribute it properly and evenly.

A wrong procedure can cause damage, even hair loss, but this is only because it was used completely wrongly. For this reason, the advice is always to rely on a competent team.

The quality of keratin we offer you at Unity Beauty is the best, because it contains no formaldehyde. Exposure to this substance creates harmful side effects. In some European countries and America it is even banned because it generates various health risks.

Smooth or wavy hairstyles

When you come in to us and sit in the chair, you know you can find the best experts who will create the hairstyle you’ve always wanted, regardless of whether your hair is straight, curly or unruly. Advice? Search the best fashion magazines for the cut you prefer, provide us with a photo, and we will be able to accommodate you, following your taste.

You will thus be able to have a hairstyle that is always fashionable, and thanks to our creative director’s20 years of experience , we will also be able to direct and advise you toward the cut that best suits your features. You will always come out satisfied.

You can also contact us to make your own bridal hairstyle: coiffed, straight, curly, wavy hair, always aiming for the natural, non-artifact effect. We follow your directions, and also match the makeup service, to make you even more beautiful on that special day.

Want to discover all our treatments and finally have the hair color you’ve always wanted? Come and discover our salon and our offerings. We are in downtown Milan, open every day, and our service is of the highest quality to give you the natural blond you truly deserve.

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