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Women’s hair styling: smooth or wavy hair service in Milan

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Hats, we know, are the most visible part of our body. They give us character, personality, color; they are the most distinguishable extension of our will. Every woman has her own style, that much is clear, but not all of us are aware that much of it comes from what we want rather than what Mother Nature has given us.

And hair is the clearest example of this: every woman is born with her own, unique color, a more or less thick hair fiber, a tendency toward frizzy, unruly curls rather than perfect smoothness. Every woman comes to us with an idea to realize, and the starting point is only a beginning. With us at Unity Beauty you will succeed, right away, in making what began as a simple wish become a reality. Magic? No, Unity Beauty!

Don’t miss the opportunity to find out how our hair styling service can transform your look.

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Unity Beauty: who we are

Initially, the mission of the Blondie Bar Milano salon was to restore natural highlights and healthy hair to blondes by using the art of colorimetry and a smile to ensure that clients always leave the salon satisfied. The Blondie Bar Milano project, from January 2023, as a metamorphosis of butterflies, will become a larger, more comprehensive and defined design called Unity. Unity possesses a more holistic concept by focusing on outer beauty as a representation of inner beauty and wants to give each person total well-being, hence the new name.


What we do

At Unity Beauty you will find the professional solutions best suited to your desire for blond hair. All treatments will turn out long, but perfectly long-lasting and natural. Stop the fear: If your hair gets damaged, it’s not because of the treatment, but because of the person applying it incorrectly. At Unity Beauty we perform all major women’s hairdressing services:
  • Cut
  • Fold
  • Shatush
  • Babylights
  • Hairtouch
  • Plumping and invigorating treatments
For more information about the types and uses of our treatments, click here.

Women’s hair styling: here’s what we do

Let’s now delve into the much-requested service of women’s hair styling, both smooth and wavy. Have you ever wished you had that perfect smoothness you saw in the photographs? Or, do you feel you have brittle, fine hair, and fear you will never be able to have those curvy curves in your ringlets? Fear not: with us at Unity Beauty you can give your hair the shape you most desire. We follow constant updates dictated by current trends and meet even the most demanding customers’ requests. The hair service usually takes place after washing and cutting, but it can also be a stand-alone service. Smooth crease woman Straightening is done with the best straightening tools and the application of high-quality products to ensure no damage to your hair’s keratin. Heat protection, when it comes to straightening, should always be put first to ensure that shiny effect we want to see on your hair. If your hair turns out to be excessively unruly, fear not: we will offer stronger, and long-lasting, smoothing treatments. Alongside the normal service required, we will propose styling proposals based on your physiognomy and your colors: the trend of the moment juxtaposes a cut with curtain bangs with perfect straight hair–are you ready to dare? Women’s wavy crease: just that natural, carefree, dreamy effect we often see in American movies on the hair of graceful, flowery girls. It is no coincidence that wavy hair is the typical bridal hairstyle: in fact, only wavy hair can give that touch of femininity and gracefulness that we all basically dream of. Again, it will be important to use the right treatments to prevent the swelling effect and avoid burnt hair, which could occur with the use of inadequate tools. A little tip: do you know what the perfect match is for wavy hair? The blonde balayage! Not surprisingly, the liveliest American trend of the moment is to lighten the hair at the roots, to achieve a natural lightening effect all the way to the ends. Of course, we at Unity Beauty will take care to match the blond best suited to your skin and hair palette, in line with armochromia studies. The final touch to any balayage is the straightening of wavy hair: a light tone to enhance every shade and reflection of your beautiful hair.

Useful information

Are you wondering how much does smooth and wavy crease cost with us? Depending on the type of treatment, if any, the prices may differ, but the cost of the crease alone is 35 euros. If I then wanted to combine the hairdo with makeup, the price we offer is 50 euros. For more information, of course, you can check our page or come directly to the store – we will be delighted to welcome you to our Unity Beauty to make every fiber of your hair vibrate with life!

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