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Women’s curly haircuts : find out how to wear them and trendy hairstyles

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Are you looking for curly haircuts? If nature has gifted you with a thick mane of curls, you have most likely wondered how to tame them, feed them properly and style them in a way that enhances their character.

This is a pet peeve of many women who, like you, find themselves dealing with the bouts of frizz that are always just around the corner, stubborn split ends and ringlets that never form as they should.

In these cases, the temptation to resort to straightening is strong, but in addition to being a damaging choice for the hair structure, it also often proves to be an unnecessarily lengthy procedure that does not bring the desired results, resulting in hair that tends to swell and dull.

Well, the days of burning under the hot iron of the straightener are over: in 2021, the curl is the undisputed protagonist. This is evidenced by the trends of professional hair stylers around the world, and the hairstyles of the stars, who are not shying away from proudly sporting their manes of varying degrees of blur this year.

Below we will show you some of these examples, from which you can take inspiration to revamp your haircut and styling to enhance the curves of your hair. If you are undecided, you can ask for advice from us at Unity Beauty, here in downtown Milan.

We are experts in treating all types of hair, and our priority is to make you feel as confident as you have ever been. We will offer you only the best to give you the perfection you deserve.


Curly haircut straight from the USA: the Curly Girl Method

The first secret to great curls involves the right treatment. In fact, the number one enemy of voluminous hair is the harsh agents in certain products we use, especially sulfates, silicones and parabens contained in shampoos.

Hence comes a solution, directly from the United States, called the Curly Girl Method . As the name implies, this is a method designed specifically for curly girls who often encounter problems such as frizz, flat roots and split ends, which do not allow them to have the soft, defined ringlets they dream of.

The trick would be to eliminate shampoo from thewashing routineby replacing it with a conditioner, which instead of attacking the hair makes it soft and supple. Actually, it is sufficient to choose a shampoo that is free of the above elements, preferably made from natural ingredients and that is gentle as well as of excellent and proven quality.

In this way, the cleanliness of the hair is assured, as well as the health of its structure, which will not be damaged. The second step is deep moisturization with conditioner and subsequent removal of knots. Forget combs and brushes, which can only pull your hair apart, and instead use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb and start from the ends all the way up to the roots.

After rinsing thoroughly, you can use a microfiber cloth to blot, which does not absorb as much water as the towel and thus allows you to retain more moisture. Finally, serve yourself with a foam or curly hair cream for styling.

The best movement for enhancing the dynamism of your hair is the scrunch, which is done upside down, gathering the hair in your hands and pulling the roots off well so as to give volume. Once this is done, you can let your hair dry naturally without resorting to the aggressive heat of a hair dryer.

Curly haircuts: short, medium or long: the latest fashionable cuts

Now let’s talk about the latest trends in haircuts. Whether you prefer short, medium length or long, the watchword is always one: naturalness. Indeed, the fashion focuses on enhancing the movement of the hair without artifice or excess, conveying freedom and allowing full expression to the volumes of the ringlets.

The pixie cut is always on trend, a jaunty and practical cut perfect for girls who don’t want too many frills and short hair that is free to move while remaining neat. The key to this cut is shortening in the side and nape areas, enhancing the length of the middle areas. This cut is perfect for softening the features of your face.

The bob cut is an evergreen, and the wavy version will explode your femininity thanks to the balanced plays of movement and light, without exaggeration. You can choose it either in the version for medium lengths or for long hair, just below the shoulders, in the variant with or without bangs.

Zendaya offers us a revival that celebrates the very essence of naturalness, leaving the curls even on her bangs instead of smoothing them. Rihanna, on the other hand, sports a mullet that echoes the fashions of the 1980s, playing with lengths and volumes.

For short hair, on the other hand, we have the reverse bob, in which the longer strands are arranged to fall over the forehead and sides.

Naturally styled curls

Finally, some ideas on hairstyles. The key is to play with your curls, enhancing their elasticity and movement every time you move your head. It is therefore forbidden to compress them and stifle their natural vivacity.

A very fashionable solution are the gathered, semi-bonded hairstyles like the one sported by Rita Ora in her cascade of blond ringlets. If you have long hair, the possibilities are so many. You can, for example, try a chignon, high or low, strictly kept soft and not tight, perhaps enhanced with some essential accessories such as a small clip.

You can gather your curls at the top of your head in a hairstyle that looks casual and instead is designed specifically to create movement and last for several hours. Then classic braids and ponytails, perhaps customized with a scarf, that softly let your curls fall behind your head always apply.

Then if you want to enhance your curves even more with the help of coloring, you can try smoky hair or tone-on-tone coloring, which will give you an infinite range of cool shades, in perfect accordance with current fashions and respect for your natural hue. We at Unity Beauty specialize in this, as you can read in this article.

Have you gotten an idea of how you would like to enhance your gorgeous lioness hair? Don’t forget to entrust the care of your precious curls to the experienced hands of real professionals who will ensure a flawless result.

We at Unity Beauty will listen to your desires to help you achieve the perfection you seek. You can get an idea of our services by clicking here. In our salon you will be treated like a queen and we will know how to take care of your beauty by finding the ideal solution for you together.

When you come out you will have well-nourished, healthy, shiny, fluffy curls, bursting with vitality, and you can say goodbye to straightening.


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