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Milan Center – Missori

Unity Beauty Salon

Who we are

The Blondie Bar Milano project, since 2023, as a metamorphosis of butterflies, has become a larger, more comprehensive and defined design called Unity Beauty.

Unity possesses a more holistic concept by focusing on outer beauty as a representation of inner beauty and wants to give each person total well-being, hence the new name.

Unity - The Mission

Unity comes from English and means “Union” a simple word but very profound and rich in meaning. And then we are at 16 Union Street in Milan, it was meant to be! We believe in theUnion of beauty inside and out.

In our salon you will find all the prerequisites to enjoy a new inner peace through new techniques, empathy and deep understanding of what you desire. We will attend so thoroughly to your beauty that you will feel relaxed in an instant feeling at peace with the world.

Having your hair tidy will help place your mind in such a relaxed state that you will begin to value the essentials by getting rid of the superfluous. Here at our place you will feel more serene and with a new approach to looking at life.

Taking care of you will mean feeling better about yourself with an image that truly represents you by affirming your true essence without any more fears.

You have surely noticed that what you see in the mirror very often determines your mood.


Alessia, owner of Unity Beauty, is a great connoisseur of the female human soul. and knows how none of us can prevent some emotional states due to hormones or personal problems in life. Sometimes it is hard to understand oneself, let alone be understood by a hair specialist!

Unity is here to help you figure out what you need, identify your favorite look, and let you relax with the confidence that everything will be fine and you won’t have any surprises in the mirror.

How will we be able to make you 100% satisfied? Staying focused on you. Simple. The Unity Team will listen to you thoroughly by offering the best techniques and cutting-edge products, because we know how much you deserve the best.

Imagine a world where you look at yourself and love your reflection, you like yourself right away, you like the color of your hair, its softness, how it highlights your good points and hides the little flaws (that we all have!)

This world exists and is called Unity. The reflection in the mirror will no longer be an enemy, it will not try to convince you that you are not good enough, we already know that you are wonderful and just need to blossom.

You will know how to appreciate your color, the cut you longed for will finally be achieved as you imagined, and your self-esteem, with all the compliments you will receive, will grow more and more. After having known Unity phrases like.
“I’m ugly, what an ugly hair, what a monster, I don’t like myself, I’ve aged…”
will no longer be uttered and will become a bad memory.

Do you know why our logo is represented by petals?

Each of these represents a part of the Feminine Universe: Mind, Body, Soul and Beauty. We like to thoroughly understand each fragment of this world no matter how complex. And every aspect of this Universe is supported by our values.

The petals of Unity Beauty

  • ANIMA – Listening, Attention
  • MIND – Honesty, Truthfulness
  • BODY – patience-dedication, naturalness, simplicity               
  • BEAUTY – Order, Harmony

We love the care of every detail, we believe that hair even if dyed can always look healthy and natural. 
Every treatment or color born in Unity is perfect, deep and personalized.

Four petals – Four reasons to choose us

  • Reception
  • Refined environment
  • Drinks, food, appetizer
  • Peace and tranquility
  • Few customers served at the same time
  • Smart working table while making yourself beautiful
  • Loyalty program with customized discounts and offers
  • A specialist dedicated to you during the service

Experience in service

Staff professionalism

  • Technicians with experience and study of multi-year
  • Patience in solving “impossible, difficult” cases
  • Best training from world experts in colorimetry and hair care
  • Deep knowledge of hair biochemistry
  • Always advanced and up-to-date techniques
  • Free consultation before you trust our hands

Quality of products

  • Best professional products on the market
  • Selection of only suppliers consistent with the project and values
  • Sustainability

Hair health

  • Delicacy of treatments that preserves hair health
  • Best treatments
  • Don’t be afraid to say no to preserve hair
  • Customized paths

We like challenges


You may have noticed that no one else wants to take responsibility for dealing with “difficult” hair or complex requests.

Over the years we have specialized in “impossible” and “severe” cases by honing our skills and solving hairs that no professional wanted to touch anymore.

Our strength is high specialization and not always saying yes. To get great results on difficult hair you will have to trust our experience, you will have to be patient because it often takes hours of treatments to restore the hair and coloring. It is not simple.

For this we will provide you with all our professional support and patience. “Please help me, it takes a miracle!” is the phrase we have heard most often over the years.

Fortunately with the high competence of the staff, who often work as long as 6-8 hours straight, strand by strand we repair any damage to the hair by accommodating every request.

We don’t charge hourly fees, no surprises at checkout except a wonderful smile when you look in the mirror. Those who have witnessed a major change in the salon have appreciated it. Read here our satisfied customers or leave your review from this link.


There is often much disrespect for women and the care of their hair in the name of quick profits and unprofessionalism.

Not everyone knows that the purpose of the scalp is to protect the brain, so any wrong touch to the hair and head makes the client feel fragile and unprotected. For that reason, we are committed to always pay close attention to the way we touch your head, how we communicate to you what we are going to accomplish on your hair and how it will be performed.

Our policy has always been. “No surprises in the till.” this means that before we start the work we clearly tell you all the costs in a transparent way.

We don’t want to apply products you don’t want and ruin our relationship by making you feel cheated or embarrassed at the checkout. We want to That you always come back here happy and relaxed to fully enjoy your beauty treatment with serenity.

And if you are not satisfied, without gaining anything, we will repair what you don’t like. But you will see, because we always listen to your needs and know the techniques and products well, this will not happen.

A consulting hairdresser will be dedicated to you at all times, we do not use your “laying time” to do anything else, but we prefer to totally reserve for you the attention And listen to what you need. This approach over time has paid off for us in retention and starred reviews.

We always offer the Free Consultation: a meaningful service not only to make an accurate estimate, talk about the path to your dream hair, but also a way to get to know each other, to be together, to have a coffee, to learn to trust our hands: we need to create a feeling, don’t you think?


















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