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White hair? Find out the causes, how to prevent them, and how to disguise them

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White hair? What are the causes

Advancing age is the first and also the most common cause of the appearance of white hair. Defining hair color is melanin which is produced by cells. Unfortunately, it is not possible to prevent the course of the body’s biological process, and as you well know, however, as the years increase, cells age and melanin production decreases causing the appearance of, precisely, the fateful white hair.

Often, however, this process can occur early but, in this case, something else is causing it. In addition to inevitable natural aging, therefore, the appearance of white hair may be associated with other factors. These include the hereditary factor and thus to the genes that are passed on to us by our parents and first by our grandparents.

If these, in fact, have manifested an early appearance of white hair, the higher the likelihood of this happening to us. Another important factor that can be the cause of the appearance of white hair is several skin diseases such as vitiligo, tuberous sclerosis, and others that, for one reason or another, cause melanin production to be drastically reduced or, in some cases, stopped.

This can also be caused, however, by vitamin B12 deficiency. Although this is provided by diet, in fact, we often do not get enough of it, and this, unless it is introduced in some other way, may be the cause of the premature appearance of white hair.
In addition to genetic factors or skin diseases, the appearance of white hair is also caused by one’s lifestyle.

In fact, if a healthy and balanced lifestyle is not followed, there are bound to be consequences. Smoking, therefore, as well asexcessive intake of beverages such as coffee, alcohol and extremely fatty and unhealthy foods or even long periods of stress and anxiety, in this particular case, are definitely not in our favor.

In short, the appearance of white hair is proof, yes, that we are getting older, but it could also be a kind of alarm bell that stands to indicate that something is not going as it should.

Hair-White--Uncover the-causes,-how-to-prevent-them-and-how-to-camouflage-them-3
Hair-White--Uncover the-causes,-how-to-prevent-them-and-how-to-camouflage-them

How to prevent white hair?

Once you become aware of what causes white hair to appear, trying to prevent it as best as possible will not be that difficult. If you, too, feel a strong need to delay this process, as a first step you must commit to living a healthy and balanced life without forgetting that your body is your home and taking care of it is essential.

A good diet will make sure that all the right nutrients are taken in to make the body work well, but in case that still does not happen, taking the right supplements will help a lot.

Using the right products for your scalp and hair type is, moreover, of utmost importance. Often this factor is underestimated either because of a lack of time or because, perhaps, you fail to understand what your specific needs and requirements are.

Whatever the reason, however, we do not always take care of our hair in the right way, often ending up weakening and ruining it. But that’s where we at Unity Beauty come in to rush to your rescue. We will help you with great enthusiasm and professionalism to take care of your hair, advise you on the right products to use and how to use them to get great results.

Our team made up of the best professionals in the industry will always be there to accompany you into the magnificent world of hair, teaching you all the secrets to keep it healthy and strong and to prevent gray hair from showing up too early. A pampering that will allow you to live your life much more peacefully and live at peace with your appearance.

How to disguise the appearance of white hair

Many women accept the appearance of white hair, even love it and see it as an important stage of life. Not coincidentally, this moment is identified as the time when the pinnacle of wisdom and maturity is reached. Not all, however, are ready and prepared to mirror and love what they see.

Indeed, in many cases, white hair causes discomfort and does not allow the person to live well in society with others. Feared and hated, their appearance turns into an extremely dramatic moment as they are often seen as the beginning of the end: one is getting old, the turning point has occurred, and from now on there will only be decline.

This is one of the main reasons why more and more people, not only women but also men, resort to hair coloring. Dyeing one’s hair means mirroring oneself and seeing oneself as still young and beautiful, it gives confidence and self-esteem, all of which give well-being and make one live well. Some people do it themselves and dye their own hair, but the best solution will always be to rely on professionals.

In fact, even when it comes to hair coloring, it is good to get guidance and advice. There are different types of treatment and different products to suit individual needs. We at Unity Beauty, specifically, will know how to guide you through specialized counseling to the most suitable coloring path for you.

You will get the best result you could wish for, your hair will be soft and shiny, and, finally, you will be able to say goodbye to the much-hated gray hair forever.

You will avoid the risk of ruining the hair even more with products that are perhaps unsuitable or harmful because they are artificial and contain ingredients that are dangerous to the scalp. Indeed, not only will we fulfill all your desires by combining them perfectly with what your hair needs, but we will give you a unique moment of relaxation.

You will feel more beautiful, but also more relaxed: regenerated. A pampering you deserve and can only get if you rely on Unity Beauty, the top of the line when it comes to caring for your hair. Here is a before and after!

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