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As of November 2023, Unity has officially become a VIGALized salon.


We chose the Vigal philosophy because it perfectly represents our vision of caring for women and wanting to help them feel good about their hair.

Vigal ‘s philosophy fully aligns with our principles, which are focused on caring for the health of hair, promoting natural beauty and people’s well-being.

We believe that offering products and treatments that respect theintegrity of hair and promote women’s confidence and self-esteem is critical.

We believe that through the Vigal philosophy we can realize this goal and meet the needs of our customers effectively and respectfully.




"Color gently"
"Wash them with love."

These are the fundamental points of our philosophy, all of which is made possible only by taking care of and preserving hair on a daily basis without distorting its naturalness.

At Unity-Beauty, we don’t just offer simple products; we fully embrace the unique approach of brands with which we share a philosophy, such as Vigal.

We firmly believe that taking care of hair should be a daily gesture of love and respect, preserving its naturalness without distorting it.

The Vigal path is our ally in this mission. With Vigal products, we offer the opportunity to maintain or rediscover the simplicity of pure hair. Every step of the way is carefully designed to ensure visible and long-lasting results, keeping your hair’s natural beauty intact.

Join us in our commitment to hair care that goes beyond appearance, embracing the true essence of beauty. Discover the Vigal Trail and be carried away by its philosophy of simplicity and authenticity.


At Unity we decided to use Vigal’s Gel Color product is the breakthrough for treating white, natural or previously dyed/ bleached/ toned hair.

It is a “colotizer “* that allows you to treat your hair without altering your natural color and damaging the health of the bulb and stem, thus preventing dryness and unwanted highlights. It can “colotize “* intensifying, reflecting but never brightening.

* colotize = color in VIGAL philosophy.


Gel Color comes in different colors: oat, cream, ginseng, meringue, cremino, apricot, almond, café latte, fondant, marron glacé and espresso. Click here to see all the colorations.

The acidifying base of Color Vigal Gels serves to close the scales of hair and make it shiny, protecting it from split ends, heat from hair dryers or straighteners, smoke, smog and weathering. Activated by an ultra-low degree detector, similar to wound care disinfectant, they respect the hair bulb and leave hair clean.

Extremely gentle, Color Vigal Gel does not burn the grease produced by the skin as other dyes do, but it is necessary to wash the hair before application. It does not cause itching or discomfort while giving nuance to the hair.

Vigal colors do not touch or lighten the natural base of white hair, but offer a wide range of possibilities, fromintensifying natural color to creating luminous highlights.

With Color Vigal Gel, extraordinary shine can be achieved without altering the natural color in the slightest, giving shine and vibrancy to the hair. Thanks to the formula with oxidation-directed pigments, the color remains bright and long-lasting.

Used for neutralize unwanted reflections, prolong the duration of coloring, strengthen hair structure and effectively mask white hair without a regrowth effect, Color Vigal Gel is an ideal choice for those who want bright, natural results without ammonia and with an acidic pH to close hair scales.


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Why choose us


We love the care of every detail, we believe that hair even if dyed can always look healthy and natural.

Every treatment or color born in Unity is perfect, profound and personalized.

Our logo is represented by petals, where each petal represents a part of the Feminine Universe: Mind, Body, Soul and Beauty.

We like to thoroughly understand every fragment of this world no matter how complex.

And every aspect of this Universe is supported by our values.

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Technicians with experience and study of multi-years. Patience in solving “impossible, difficult” cases. Specialize in colorimetry, blondes, shades and cuts.


Attention to hair care. Delicacy of treatments that preserves hair health. Customized paths


Premium segment products: Wella, Madavita, Redken, Felps Brazil Prof, Kevin Murphy


GoogleMaps rating 4.9 and Treatwell 4.8
2 min from Missori Square and 5 min from the Cathedral

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  • Parking: piazza Diaz or Torre Velasca
  • Days: Monday to Saturday
  • Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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