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Trimming hair to make it grow: a simple but effective method

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Trimming hair is not a miracle-working habit in terms of growth, however, it can help a lot and always make a positive difference. Hair is one of our distinguishing features, and caring for it well is essential to keep it beautiful and healthy.

The importance of hair care for hair health

Hair care should not be underestimated. This is because our foliage is constantly exposed to external factors (such as pollution, sun, cold and moisture) that can damage it. In addition, the use of chemicals for coloring or perming can weaken it and make it more fragile. This is how we run into the very common split ends, click here to find out the best products for your hair.

Caring for and trimming the hair is therefore important not only to optimize the aesthetic appearance of the hair, but also and especially to promote its health. Proper hygiene, use of specific products and trimming (when necessary) are fundamental habits to prevent more or less common problems.

Plucking hair is helpful to grow hair

Many people believe that cutting hair is counterproductive if you want to grow it, but in fact it is just the opposite. Sprouting hair regularly, in fact, is an effective way to promote hair growth. However, it is crucial to emphasize that simply cutting the ends (or a few extra inches) cannot work miracles and cannot make hair grow fast. It can help a lot, though. First, it can allow for more beautiful and visibly healthier lengths.

Cutting a few inches regularly can do nothing but good for your foliage. This is because split ends and dry ends slow growth in no small measure, slowly weakening the entire hair shaft. Therefore, as soon as the ends appear more untidy, it is definitely a good idea to trim the hair. However, ticking is not the only thing to do.

Suitable treatments

As we anticipated, caring for hair means more than just trimming it: it also involves proper hygiene and the use of specific products. The advice, therefore, is also to use shampoos, masks, conditioners and/or serums suitable for the hair type. This consistent habit can help maintain healthy and beautiful hair. As a result, hair will grow longer and faster (the result always varies from person to person).

The massage that stimulates regrowth

In addition to trimming the hair and treating it with the right products, massaging the scalp during shampooing and beyond is most useful to stimulate growth. This practice can be a real help as it can stimulate skin blood microcirculation. In addition, it can allow the nutrients in cosmetics to penetrate better. Both of these positive effects can promote hair growth.

Deleterious habits

In addition to having good hair care habits, if we want to grow hair, it is also important to eliminate deleterious ones. For example, those who have a habit of tying their hair too tightly should start letting it down more often and tie it less tightly. He should also always use wide combs and/or soft brushes. All of this is important because hairstyles that are too tight and the use of ungentle tools can stress the hair, slow its growth and, in the long run, even cause it to fall out.

Lack of good protection from the sun’s rays during the warmer months can also waste hair instead of making it grow. Basically, it’s not enough to sprout hair as needed if we don’t care for it carefully and have habits that are not conducive to its growth. It is always important to engage on multiple fronts to achieve good results.


The role of nutrition

Focusing on proper nutrition is also a solution that should not be underestimated. Eating well and healthy can in fact promote hair growth, helping to keep it healthy and beautiful and avoid split ends and dry ends.

In this regard, nutritionists recommend drinking plenty of water every day and ensuring a good intake of vitamin B6. The latter is a panacea for the hair: it energizes the scalp and replenishes brittle hair. Thanks to B vitamins, it is possible to provide hair with the keratin it needs. Keratin can strengthen the structure and ends, often putting aside the need to trim hair.

The importance of specific treatments for each hair type

As we could see to keep hair healthy and make it grow faster, it is not enough to just trim it. Trimming your hair is useful and helps a lot, but you also need more. There are some simple methods and pointers to follow, such as performing scalp massages, eating healthy and avoiding habits that could do anything but good for the hair. The most important thing, however, is to always avail yourself of specific treatments for your hair and target those that actually improve its health and appearance.

To prevent the hair from weakening and shedding, it is essential to consistently use quality products that deeply nourish the hair and make it soft and silky. Finally, it is important not to overdo the use of styling products, such as hairspray or foam, which can weaken hair. In general, choosing the right products and using them in moderation is key to maintaining healthy hair.

Caring for and trimming hair? We’ll take care of growing them for you!

As you could see, caring for hair is crucial to promote its health and make sure it always looks good. Ticking them off as needed, treating them with specific products and following some simple tips is essential to prevent damage and promote their growth. Investing in hair care means preserving their beauty and long-term health.

If you need to trim your hair and care for it properly and consistently, you can rely on the staff of our salon. After a careful consultation we can give you helpful suggestions and provide the best treatments for your hair. Become a client of Unity Beauty and receive an instant 20% discount on your first appointment!

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