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Tone-on-tone hair coloring: the gentle, yet long-lasting hair dye

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Coloring has fascinated all of us at least once in our lives, but how afraid were we of getting a result that was ugly to look at and especially of damaging our hair? At Unity Beauty , we address this issue on a daily basis, trying to reassure our clients and ensure optimal results that are in line with their aesthetic needs and especially the physical needs of their hair.

In particular, we have often had to respond to color needs when clients wanted to change their appearance, but also to hair health, which is always a prerogative not only of course of the client, but also ours, that in Unity Beauty we create the perfect blond without irreparably damaging the hair.

To meet our clients’ needs and satisfy these two much sought-after requirements, tone-on-tone coloring can be carried out at our salon.

Admittedly, this is not a treatment that can disrupt the appearance of the hair and give it a very different color from the natural base, but it is perfect for those who still want to change the look without disrupting it, while keeping the health of the hair intact.

But let’s see together what tone-on-tone coloring is, who it is suitable for, and most importantly, what are the benefits of this innovative treatment that you can request from Unity Beauty.

What is tone-on-tone coloring

Specifically, tone-on-tone coloring is a treatment that has been available for a few years now that allows clients to achieve a new look for their hair that is very delicate and natural, but also long-lasting and absolutely not harmful to the health of the hair.

With this technique, the hair stylist proposes a coloring that is very similar to the client’s basic root color, giving particular and visible highlights and shades, without precisely distorting the original color.

The particular, tone-on-tone coloring, as the name also suggests, goes to reinforce the client’s natural color, giving it a new and sought-after vibe, but without lightening the hair, which would damage it, and only sometimes going to darken it slightly, to create gorgeous light and shadow effects.

It is called tone-on-tone because this technique does not bleach the hair, but rather colors it by adding to the base coloring.
Specifically, unlike classical dyes, which contain oxidizing agents that go to change the nature of the hair, tone-on-tone coloring uses an alkaline agent.

The latter has an acidic PH, which creates a kind of protective film on the hair, enveloping the fibers and giving the hair a look that is not only bright and shaded, but also healthier, as any split ends are closed.

In addition to not being harmful to the hair, since it does not use oxygen and does not cause some chemical reaction, unlike bleaching treatments, tone-on-tone coloring is also really long-lasting.

In fact, Unity Beauty clients who rely on this treatment at our salon still get visible results after six to eight shampoo washes, unlike regular coloring that lasts much less.

Hair coloring-hone-on-hair coloring-delicate,-but-duration-2
Hair coloring-hair tone-on-hair dyeing-delicate,-but-during-4
Hair coloring-hone-on-hair coloring-delicate,-but-duration-3

For whom tone-on-tone coloring is recommended

At Unity Beauty, we recommend tone-on-tone coloring to all our clients who want a long-lasting , non-invasive result. For example, this treatment is ideal for the young and very young because it is a light coloring that does not weaken or damage the hair in the slightest and is not too flashy.

By achieving highlights and shades in slightly different tones than the base color, in fact, the hair will still appear revamped and new, but without overdoing it, so this technique is ideal for those who just want to refresh their natural color.

In addition, tone-on-tone coloring is perfect for those who do not have a lot of time to devote to their hair, perhaps not being able to go to the hairdresser often due to time constraints.

Lasting for a very long time, up to 8 washes, and being a natural treatment, if this is not refreshed periodically there are no unsightly aesthetic effects to be seen, because the coloring done will fade naturally returning the hair to its base color.

But not only for women: tone-on-tone coloring is also recommended for men who want to invigorate their hair. This technique is ideal, for example, as you get older, when the first white or gray hairs emerge, and you want to cover them without getting the excessive, flat effect of a total dye job.

Why choose tone-on-tone coloring

If the benefits that this coloring technique has were not yet clear, let us see in detail what they are.
First of all, it is a treatment that returns a very natural and soft result, so it is ideal for those who are very young and new to coloring but are a little afraid of it and want to go step by step.

Also, because it does not ruin the hair at all, it is a technique that should be chosen so as not to have the unpleasant result of dry, frizzy hair related to bleaching(find out how to remedy it here).

Another advantage is that, although it is a gentle coloring both in terms of color intensity and aggressiveness, it covers all white hair, so it is also ideal for those who are advanced in age and only want to cover this unpleasant discomfort.

Another good reason to choose tone-on-tone coloring is that it lasts so long, up to eight shampoo washes, which is practical for those who do not have much time to devote to their hair.

In addition, because it is a natural effect that gives a play of light and shadow, tone-on-tone coloring can also be used only on certain parts of the hair to highlight them. For example, it is perfect for brightening up the increasingly dull tips, or perhaps to highlight the sides of the face.

Hair coloring-hair tone-on-hair coloring-delicate,-but-duration-1

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