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Straw hair? How to avoid burned hair from bleaching with low-volume oxygen

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Having lighter hair and completely changing the appearance of one’s hair is a desire that has crossed everyone’s mind at least once in a lifetime. And how often do we see television stars or famous actresses constantly changing their hair styles from dark to very blond.

We at Unity Beauty have heard many times from our clients that they want extreme bleaching, even many shades lighter than their natural root color.

Just as many times, however, we have seen work done poorly and have as a result perhaps good color, but burned and extremely damaged hair, for which the only remedy was drastic cutting.

Many clients have also repeatedly expressed their concerns before bleaching, being afraid of ending up with dry hair that is completely burned by the oxygen used in bleaching.

But is it then possible to bleach the hair to achieve the much desired blond hair without damaging the hair?
Of course, with the right care anything is possible, but it is good to always remember that bleaching is a chemical process that attacks the hair, oxidizing it and removing the melanin that makes it dark.

This still means that it is an action that must be carried out by professionals of the industry, that they are experienced and use good, tested products, but also that there is then maintenance after the bleaching process, which includes proper use of heat sources, such as hair dryers and straighteners, as well as the use of nourishing and restorative masks and treatments, such as those at the keratin.

So let’s see how to get a beautiful bleaching that, however, does not damage your hair, because you have to have the blond you deserve and not straw hair.

Common mistakes

Blond hair is in high demand, both by those with a dark natural color and those who want to lighten their natural blond more. This, however, should only be requested in salons specializing in blond treatment, as the bleaching process is complex and risks damaging the hair.

In fact, in many salons, in order to shorten the laying time and to be able to fit more clients into a day, they do bleaching at very high oxygen volumes, that is, 40vol, 60vol and even 100 vol. Oxygen is what damages the hair, because it precisely strips it of the melanin layer that makes it dark, until it reaches the required blond. The lighter the bleaching has to be, the more melanin is removed, so it damages the hair and empties it.

With the understanding that bleaching is a chemical process that therefore, regardless of the skill of the operator, the goodness of the products, and the care taken afterwards in treating the hair, it ruins the hair. How much though?

This is what a good hair stylist must act on, to ensure the client the best result with the least damaged hair possible.

As we said, to shorten the setting time and speed up the treatment, many hairdressers use oxygen at 30 or 40 volumes, that is, 40 vol, 60 vol and even 100 vol. a very high gradation that damages the hair 90 percent more than with volumes below 10. This happens when the practitioner is not very experienced and wants to rush the treatment time, lying to the client about the real situation her hair might be in at the end of the treatment: dry, dull and irreparably damaged and definitely immediately yellow.

In addition, some hairdressers often justify the use of high volumes of oxygen on the grounds that it is the only way to achieve very light blondes. This is absolutely not true; in fact, with the right setting times and technique, even very light hair, even white hair, can be achieved while maintaining a low oxygen level. (Obviously the time will be longer).

Here are some of our before and after work:


Why choose low volumes of oxygen

We at Unity Beauty follow the philosophy that it does not matter how long it takes, for us what matters is the end result, which must be optimal both in terms of aesthetics, thus achieving a perfect blond, and in terms of hair preservation.

In fact, we much prefer to take five or six hours for a single client’s bleaching, but proceed at low oxygen volumes, less than 10 volumes to be precise. The reason is very simple and obvious: this way the result will still be assured, even if you want a very light blond, but the hair will not be damaged excessively.

Also, unlike what most people think and what hairdressers give to believe to justify the use of high volumes of oxygen, what lightens more or less hair is the bleaching product, usually in powder form, and not the hydrogen peroxide that is added to it, and that has different volumes.

The latter, in fact, serves to release the oxygen present in the bleaching powder, which will then be what lightens the hair by removing melanin. Therefore, using high-volume hydrogen peroxide is useless for the purpose of more effective lightening.

It is very difficult to find among many salons one with experienced professionals in bleaching and blond hair who have specific knowledge in molecular colorimetry and who know how to get the client a perfect blond without, however, ruining her hair.

For this reason, you should only rely on experts, like us at Unity Beauty who have made blond hair our banner. In our salon we bleach hair with low-volume oxygen, using only volumes below 20, precisely to preserve the integrity of the hair as much as possible.

Remedies to burned hair

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens to rely in the hands of professionals who are not such and take advantage of the goodness of the clients or even worse to do the bleaching at home independently. This, often, leads to unpleasant results, such as damaged hair from the oxygen used.

There are some remedies, but they obviously depend on the condition of the hair. For example, if you are fresh from a bleaching process that dried out your hair, you should avoid using harsh shampoo, and perhaps wash your hair with conditioner for a few weeks. The clean effect is assured, and the hair will be softer and nourished.

Also, green light to nourishing masks, perhaps based on oils and butters, such as shea or olive, which should be left on for at least half before washing. In addition to drying out, sometimes burned hair also develops split ends, so applying a split-end mask is also ideal.

If it happened to you too to have damaged hair because of the previous hairdresser, you are in the right place! We at Unity Beauty are here to restore your hair with innovative and advanced treatments such as restructuring lamination or full hair reconstruction starting from 150€

“Hello Unity Beauty I need you, they ruined my hair!

Hello Unity Beauty only you can help me, my hair is burned!

Hello Unity Beauty please tell me my hair can be recovered, save my hair, I had asked for a natural blond.”

Know that every third call starts this way. Daily.

Don’t worry we are here for that you know?

Our hair-coach Svetlana and her team know dedicated techniques, products, and procedures, have a scientific background on colorimetry, and can help you get the vibrant blond with deep, natural shades you’ve always wanted.

Unity Beauty is the perfect solution for you, come visit us.

“My hairdresser told me that I can never be as blonde as on this image.”

“Blond is supposed to be yellow, isn’t it?”

“Going blonde, bleaching hair and not drying it out is impossible.”

“Becoming blonde destroys hair is normal.”

“Hair lamination treatment doesn’t work, it’s just marketing.”

Unity Beauty will erase all these beliefs with a flick of the wrist.

They are WRONG. This is confirmed to us by the many customers who visit us from many cities in Italy.

Come to Unity Beauty for a free consultation and we will show you that you can be blonde naturally and preserve the quality of your hair.

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