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Shatush: professional hair lightening service in Milan

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The philosophy that guides Unity Beauty is to give hair the personality and charisma that does not go unnoticed and, indeed, inspires those who look at you.

By now we are used to considering it a proven technique that for us hairdressers for women in Milan means enhancing them by realizing the desire for change towards light hair with natural effect.

Don’t miss the opportunity to find out how our hair styling service can transform your look.

For more information contact us and let our specialists advise you.

The history of shatush

Shatush is a technique invented by Italian Aldo Coppola in 2001, when streaks and highlights were still holding sway. The creative genius of this hair stylist confirmed the indisputable talent expressed in a brand now recognized worldwide as Made in Italy with regard to the fashion and beauty industry.

He was the one who gave birth to a new way of conceiving blond hair with shades that appear completely natural on the lengths, just as they do if you are recovering from a long hot summer.

It is no coincidence that when we talk about blond shatush, we refer to “sun-kissed” hair, and that is what each of our clients can aspire to by choosing right in Unity Beauty.

In 2013, the breakthrough that definitively decreed the establishment of shatush and its subsequent variants even on dark hair came with showgirl Belen Rodriguez and the many Hollywood actresses who could not resist trying this new trend with great dramatic effect on their hair.

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How to make shatush

To achieve shatush, one must mainly rely on experienced professional hairdressers who specialize in coloring, bleaching and toning any shade of blond that can guarantee TOP quality results.

We can also boast the same expertise for brown or red shatush. For you who want to brighten your lengths and give your face a new glow, this technique allows you to achieve a completely natural result.

The foliage should be divided into at least 4 to 5 sectors, which is conventionally zoned to facilitate operations and allow the bleaching product to penetrate the tips more easily.

Each strand obtained should be backcombed with a fine-toothed comb or, in the case of very abundant hair, with a brush that can carry at least half of the hair toward the roots.

This gives the right amount, in the case of blond hair, to bleach and have a gradual shade. Product hold ranges from a few minutes to half an hour, depending on the intensity of the color we intend to achieve.

AtUnity Beauty, we use the highest quality products that preserve the health of the hair and prevent you who love blond from fearing the harmful effects that you usually risk with hairdressers who do not have the same shrewdness and experience.

We use low-volume oxygens (less than 10 vol) so as not to damage the hair during the bleaching process. If necessary, we also use Olaplex products for the bleaching mixture.

Then proceed with toning, which helps achieve a clean, extremely rich blond. On the other hand, if you want the difference between the roots and the lengths to be more pronounced, we can make an ash blonde or even platinum. At Unity Beauty, we prefer much more natural and homogeneous colorations such as airtouch.

In the latter case, we usually proceed in a progressive manner, arriving at the desired color in stages and without exhausting the hair or subjecting it to treatments that would be too aggressive.

Our experience allows us to achieve the desired bleaching goal even starting from very dark roots, with patience and as much time as needed to bleach the hair without ruining it. We also use restructuring and nanolaminzaion techniques.

For red shatush, the process is similar in that the desired shade is applied to the tips, which can range from a dark coppery blond to purple to a very bright vermillion color.

Just ask for our advice and decide together which one is best for you, for your expectations and to express your personality, which is unique.

We then apply the product at a distance of about 6 cm from the roots, but starting from the tips and decreasing the amount as we approach backcombing.

The latter is the point that marks the area to be degraded and will restore vigor not only to the color, but to the entire rest of the hair.

The benefits of shatush

The advantages in choosing blond, brown or red shatush done by Unity Beauty are many and all interesting.

The first aspect is for those who want an extremely natural effect, even in the case of very pronounced length bleaching. We will make sure that you do not notice any color detachment, but only the beauty of a gradual effect that will be enhanced with any styling, smooth, wavy or curly, and with as many hairstyles. Second, you will no longer have the worry of monthly touch-ups for regrowth because the roots will remain your natural color.

Should you need to cover white hair we will proceed so that the lengths are treated with toning products.

In fact, bleaching, thanks to our choices of brands that promote professional products, can go up to 3-4 months without it sagging or becoming dull.

In addition, we remind you that at Unity Beauty the vibrancy of the shade, whether it is a blond, red or brown shatush, is also guaranteed by hair care treatments, which will not be affected by bleaching and will maintain the robustness and shine you expect from a quality service.

In this sense, we can say that shatush is also a convenient choice, as it does not require frequent touch-ups. Investing in hair at our salon is a guarantee of economic gratification as well, if you consider that it costs from 180 euros.

Among other benefits of shatush remember that your hair will not be damaged or burned by bleaching. Credit is due to our innovative products and treatments that aim to nourish and especially moisturize the hair to revitalize it naturally and over time.

In fact, the longevity of the brilliance of the bleaching itself on the lengths of the hair depends on the hair remaining healthy, without breaking or showing the unsightly split ends.

A great goal we have achieved by ensuring in Unity Beauty an excellent blond for all tastes that is able to enhance the face and style of a woman aware of her beauty and charm.

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