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Round face? Discover the best haircuts and the hottest trends

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To slender a round face it is necessary to focus on the right cut, designed specifically for this type of face that characterizes a very feminine woman; now we will recommend the best round face haircut!

The perfect haircut to enhance a round face should be soft and unstructured, achieved through grooves and light cuts that frame the face without hiding it, bringing out strong points such as the features of the eyes, nose and mouth.

Very often, however, women with round faces tend to hide behind even cuts and heavy bangs that only emphasize the roundness of their facial features even more.

Below, we will recommend some trendy and fashionable haircuts that you yourself can choose from long, short and midi cuts.

Have fun with your imagination and advice from Unity Beauty , the salon where you will find a trained and super friendly team, ready to welcome you with lots of novelties–one per hair!

Remember that you deserve the best cut for your face and that you can enhance it with the most suitable coloring treatment, chosen according to your natural colors and skin undertone.

For example, you can try a midi cut, a medium-long bob declined with balayage mood, perfect for you who have brown hair.

Long cuts for a round and full face

To conceal chubby cheeks, a long cut is your best hairstyling strategy, complete with a tufted fringe that will slender and enhance your face even more.

We advise you to avoid part part parting, which sharply defines the facial features, but prefer parting and side bangs, made by unstructured locks and grooves that frame the face.

Curtain bangs are banned because they would accentuate your slightly pronounced cheeks.

Go for the soft topknot, just like the beautiful Gigi Hadid who perfectly manages to disguise her round face with a soft, fluffy cut, made even lighter by artfully crafted highlights.


Perfect haircuts for round face and curly hair

Find the perfect haircut for a round face even if you have curly hair: waves are perfect for hiding a chubby face and sleeking it up to the max by playing with volume.
The first thing to do is to make grooves on all lengths, both in the front and in the back of the hair.
In this way, the cut will give movement and dynamism to the head, focusing on artfully designed layers to slender and give rhythm to the final outfit.

An airy haircut and lots of fluffy, bubbly curls are perfect for minimizing overly full facial features and round cheeks, and you can also aim for just the right play of light to give even more movement. Shatush, for example, with its bright and dynamic honey-colored waves, is among the best techniques that brighten up the cut and shift the focus to your lion’s hair.

Very short hair and chubby cheeks, can you?

The answer, of course, is yes! Take it from actress Kaley Cuoco, the legendary Penny from Big Beng Theory, who wears with great ease and a hint of irony a very blond pixie cut with asymmetrical wisps and locks.

To conceal full cheeks and a little bit of double chin, you need to go for a short but richly moving cut, parading the lengths on the sides of the face as much as possible and setting aside overly defined and geometric cuts.

Too many layers and layers, however, don’t appeal to everyone and tend to empty out the hair, so we recommend leaving the nape of the neck as bare as possible, keeping long locks on the forehead and sides.

Thus, you get a very dynamic cut that focuses on the side strands, a bit difficult to manage and to keep neat at all times, but sure to impress.
We at Unity Beauty will recommend the right products for perfect styling, even if you’re short on time and always in a hurry. Fixing sprays, lightweight shaping creams and high-tech foams are our bread and butter.

Don’t worry, too, because you can go all out with degradé blonde and a shaded platinum with Unity Beauty ‘s styling tips for perfect highlights.

With artfully designed highlights and a warm, dynamic blond, you’ll be able to conceal the round features of your face, gaining in volume and movement, with a distinctive yet practical and easy-to-wear cut.

ps. if you remember, the blond pixie cut with jagged wisps on the sides and side locks was the iconic cut of 1990s Gwyneth Paltrow, the first to wear such a dynamic, richly reflective styling, perfect for camouflaging her angular face and protruding jawline.

Bobsled with round visa

Dulcis in fundo, let’s talk about a great classic of recent seasons, the bobcut or bob bob bob that the legendary Caterina Caselli wore, now renewed according to the most current trends.

Obviously, we will avoid the geometric and overly defined bob, to focus on a soft and airy bob, characterized by filleted lengths on the cheekbones, so as to keep them high and seductive and conceal the cheeks that are too prominent.

The back of the cut should remain very fluffy, full of layers and layers that give movement and dynamism.
As for the bangs, avoid like the plague the short and defined bangs, but prefer jaunty and light bangs, and the side topknot that frames your face like a sweetest caress.

In general, the bobcut for those with a round face should be unstructured, light and frayed, so as to give verve to the face.

You can also achieve this eventful effect with the right hair styling products by applying mousse to the longer front strands, for example.
We at Unity Beauty advise you to focus on balayage and highlights and light effects that make you stand out…by becoming gorgeous glowing!

Set aside tone-on-tone colors and the total look, but prefer a rich color with highlights, preferably light and bright.
Blond gives you light and lots of extra movement, lighting you up and making you vibe day&night.

Today, it is even easier to wear the perfect blond, in a practical and sustainable way, with the right products and a quality choice.

Enhance your round face and go for honey and caramel highlights, warm and bright, or platinum blond, cool and super glamorous: we are witnessing a great comeback, the revenge of blondes!

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