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Natural hair dye: discover the best techniques for achieving a perfect ash blonde

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Having blond hair is the dream of so many women, and we at Unity Beauty have made it our mission. In our Milan center, we firmly advocate natural dyeing techniques that do not harm the skin or hair.

You deserve the perfect blond, and most importantly, non-damaging dyes and long-lasting, as well as obviously shining, end results, which is why you should say goodbye to highlights. Let’s see together what are the best techniques we can offer you in our salon to achieve a perfect ash blond.


This is one of the newest techniques for achieving a perfect ash blond, and given its complexity it is available only in the best specialized salons. Specifically, the name of this technique also partially suggests its performance. In fact, cold air from a hair dryer is used to lighten clients’ hair.

Specifically, the hair stylist uses air to divide the hair strands and take only those that will then be lightened by wrapping them in foil along with the bleaching product.

The process can be quite lengthy, usually taking us at Unity Beauty at least five hours, depending on the length of the hair, but it ensures a shiny and, most importantly, long-lasting result. In fact, unlike the other techniques, this one can be repeated about twice a year, thus becoming undemanding for the client as well. In addition to a luminous and natural result, the ash blond you get with Airtouch is voluminous.

Blond 5D

This unique technique can only be found in our salon, as it is precisely our own invention. Specifically, it is a mixed technique of consultation by Unity Beauty hair stylists and the restructuring treatment.

The latter, in particular, is an essential treatment for those who lighten their hair periodically or have damaged hair. Laminating is used to recreate the structure of the hair after lightening, which lifts the hair cuticles and makes it fine and prone to breakage.



Having sun-kissed hair is a bit of a dream for all blond lovers, but getting it without resorting to bleaching is quite difficult. Therefore, the world’s best hair stylists have come up with different techniques to achieve a final effect of sunkissed hair.

Specifically, this technique brightens certain sections of the hair one or two shades of blond lighter than the base color, resulting in a very luminous yet natural effect that also gives three-dimensionality.

The different approaches one can choose to have sun-kissed hair are choosing to create Babylights, namely of the very small reflections which give contrast and movement in the hair, or Ombre, which is instead a more impactful effect as the contrast between the natural color of the hair and the lightening is clearly evident.

Bronde, on the other hand, is a technique that gives sun-kissed hair even to brunettes by combining a bright blonde at the tips with the darker color at the roots.


The bleaching technique so called is completely made in Italy, having been invented in 2001 by Aldo Coppola. Unity Beauty’s hair stylist will backcomb the hair at the base, and then bleach the strands naturally and with different oxygen volumes, so as to create different effects.

The strength of shatush is to bleach small strands of hair instead of many hairs as in the case of highlights, thus creating a more naturalistic effect. The latter is guaranteed by the fact that shatush is a technique that is performed freehand, bleaching the locks according to the practitioner’s idea.

Shatush is an ideal technique for all those who have very fine hair, because it allows you to achieve not only a good result in terms of blond, but also gives more volume to the whole hair.


This technique dates back to the 1990s and is slightly complex, so it is essential to perform it at a specialized center such as ours. Briefly, the call is divided into sections, and in these, the strands to be bleached are chosen, as many as desired according to the effect you want to achieve. Degrading is an ideal technique on both short and long hair, and it restores a natural, blended effect.


This word of French origin, with a rather difficult pronunciation, literally means “sweep.” As in shatush, we at Unity Beauty will implement this technique by bleaching the strands freehand, to achieve a very natural effect.

Balayage can be customized greatly according to the client’s wishes, as the strands to be bleached and the movement to be given to the discoloration can be chosen. Specifically, you select the strands to lighten as you proceed with the technique, so that you choose the effect you want to achieve, to get the perfect ash blond.

Bleaching can be done either with foil or without, and depending on the position of the strand while the lightening product is applied, the final effect will be more or less subtle. At the end then, to minimize the contrast between the natural color of the base and the obtained lightenings, oxygen-free toning products are applied, which act on the lightenings by reducing the color detachment.

The final effect of balayage is very natural and, above all, completely customizable, plus it perfectly suits every hair type and length. Another positive aspect of balayage is that it has a low maintenance, because since it is a bleaching that is uniform to the root color, although it should be refreshed every three months, it can be safely worn for up to a year, precisely because the effect would still be natural.


This natural method of lightening hair is based on the same concept as the make-up technique of the same name. In fact, its underlying principle is to lighten hair by creating highlights and shadows that go to enhance facial features while accentuating their strengths.

At Unity Beauty, we implement this technique by lightening the hair to create highlights and brighten the face, and we darken only a few strands to maintain naturalness and three-dimensionality.

The right blonde tones we choose for the client’s hair will create a perfect play of light and shadows, which will highlight the skin tone and the face, elongating it or perhaps Foregrounding the cheekbones or lips, just as is done with illuminant and dark earths in make-up.This treatment, moreover, is suitable for enhancing and making all hair types and of all lengths shine. For a free consultation, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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