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Nanoplastics: odorless smoothing treatment in central Milan

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When one thinks of women’s dreams, generally one’s thoughts quickly run to closets filled with designer clothes, precious jewelry rather than overseas trips pampered by spas and whirlpools. These are probably also part of their desires, but after all, what every woman wants most is soft, voluminous, smooth hair that looks perfectly groomed.

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That’s precisely why we at Unity Beauty have imported from America an innovative and effective treatment called Nanoplastic: a high-definition straightening system that can transform curly, dull, dull and unruly hair into the wonderful hair you deserve. We cannot deny that most of the methods used today contain chemicals that are harmful to the hair and the skin itself. While they give good results, in fact, they tend to wither, break and weaken the hair shaft causing permanent damage to the hair’s original quality.

Felps Nanoplastic, on the other hand, contains no formol or harmful ingredients but beneficial active ingredients for the roots and bark that will perfectly smooth the foliage, healing it at the same time. This means that in addition to the aesthetic element that aims to smooth like a good keratin treatment, you will be able to achieve the same result as lamination, which deeply nourishes by plumping the hair from within.

We can proudly say that our center is one of the few able to carry out such treatment with results optimal in 100% of cases thanks to the professionalism of the team that performs it and the continuous training and refresher courses that suggest and teach the most suitable procedures and the most effective products. To date, we use Omega Zero Nanoplastic Blue and Omega Zero Nanoplastic Black-a combination of energy and nourishment that gives flexibility for many months, frizz control, bark resistance, straightening against frizz, and hydration to counteract signs of aging and weathering.

Nanoplastics: odorless smoothing treatment in Milan, Italy

When is the time for Nanoplasty and the whole process

Like every woman, you undoubtedly deserve the hair you desire: supple, soft, glossy locks that fall to your shoulders in soft waves , illuminating the whole person. We cannot deny the importance of having hair that is always tidy and healthy, without split ends and especially without that horrible frizz that can ruin any outfit.

If your hair is curly, unruly, frizzy, and has split ends, shock treatment such as Nanoplasty is necessary. The treatment will impart shine and softness for a duration of 6 months and more, despite frequent washing and blow-drying. Suffice it to say that this innovative method, used for example by Jennifer Lopez, is considered one of the most effective hair care methods.

We could liken it to keratin treatment, but with acids of an organic nature that are already active, resulting in manicured, shiny and perfectly smooth hair that receives a wide range of trace elements and vitamins that impart the right amount of moisture to the shaft. We’re talking collagen, lactose, creatine and a good amount of amino acids and beneficial hair oils that nourish and protect to the highest degree while also closing split ends.

The company Brazil, which supplies the treatment products, offers all the necessary guarantees to prove their effectiveness and durability-a promise to all women of hair as thick, long, healthy and lush as the most beautiful of stars.

Although the procedure is quite lengthy, it manages to achieve truly miraculous results.

The first step in performing nanoplasty is to perfectly cleanse the hair by purifying it of makeup such as masks, conditioner, hairspray and other products through shampooing. After drying at low temperatures, in fact, the product is applied with specific brushes that do not allow the product to touch the roots, and the actual treatment is carried out, which requires small but delicate steps that go hair by hair until a wonderful result is achieved.

It is important to emphasize that such a treatmentcannot be improvised at all or carried out independently at home. Each step, in fact, is regulated by an experienced master who has studied the method but also tried it several times, gaining the experience that will guarantee the result to be achieved.

Why Nanoplasty is considered the treatment of the year

Beloved by Hollywood celebrities, Nanoplasty has also landed in Milan gaining great recognition in our center as well. It is, in fact, an environmentally sustainable treatment that does not harm the environment or humans, does not cause burning smells, and in 95% of cases does not give rise to allergic reactions or dandruff or other side effects.

In-depth study of this technique and field experience have enabled us to see with our own eyes the benefits of Nanoplasty, which are not only aesthetic but also extend to the care of the hair structure. In fact, this method accelerates the natural regrowth process, protects against weather conditions such as wind, cold, heat and humidity as well aseliminates excess sebum from the skin. But not only that, it facilitates styling because it disciplines the hair, simplifying styling that will no longer require the use of overly hot hair dryers, straighteners and curlers but simple blow-drying.

Since we have been performing this treatment for a few years now, we know that it is suitable for all women but is not recommended for those with very fragile and thin hair because it could be further damaged by high temperatures. It is best to apply Nanoplasty products on healthy curls that are not already heavily exploited and ruined, to achieve maximum results even in the long run.

Finally, we at Unity Beauty often repeat that Nanoplasty is not just a straightening treatment for straight hair and should not be confused with keratin straightening. To talk about the differences in results and procedure would be very lengthy, but suffice it to say that Nanoplasty is a more complex and comprehensive treatment that also incorporates lamination and shine, which give the hair a healthy, radiant, full-bodied, and shiny star-like appearance. If you have curly or wavy hair that you want to transform into wonderful smooth hair without fear of ruining it, choose the Nanoplasty treatment we perform at Unity Beauty. We are a center qualified to perform the best haircare treatments, we are equipped with professionals in the field who are in continuous training and have long experience in the industry. Choose our center and you will find expertise, availability and all the pampering your hair deserves.

Nanoplasty: The Cost of This Treatment

The cost of nanoplasty at Unity starts at 380 €. Contact us for a tailored quote and find out what your hair needs!

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