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Learn about Russian pedicure and manicure: why they are so beloved and what are their benefits

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Russian pedicures and manicures have become increasingly popular among women around the world. But what exactly are they and why are they so valued? In this article we are going to learn about the features and benefits offered by these two beauty practices, but also some useful tips.

What are dry manicure and dry pedicure

Russian pedicure and manicure, also referred to as dry, dry or kombi, are presented as functional techniques used for nail care that have spread throughout the world. The main difference from classic pedicures and manicures is that these treatments are done dry, and therefore without using oils or creams to soften the cuticles. These techniques also involve the use of specific tools such as the power cutter.

These treatments aim to improve the health and appearance of nails by removing impurities and reducing the formation of calluses and skin thickening. Russian manicures and pedicures are suitable for everyone but are especially good for those who suffer from problems such as ingrown toenails, calluses, and calluses.

Why Russian pedicure and manicure are so beloved

Manicures and kombi pedicures are popular because they offer numerous benefits and because the results from them can last up to 4 weeks. Getting more specific, it is important to say that the Russian technique provides deep cleaning and thorough nail care, helping to reduce the risk of infection.

In addition, the removal of dead cells and impurities promotes cell regeneration and healthy nail growth. It also helps prevent the formation of calluses and skin thickening, which can damage the health and appearance of hands, feet and nails.

There is also to say that Russian pedicure and manicure are very relaxing and therefore help to reduce stress and anxiety. The end result offered is optimal. In short, these treatments enable nails:

  • stronger and more resilient,
  • Very beautiful from an aesthetic point of view,
  • moisturized and well nourished,
  • healthy.

Benefits not to be underestimated

These variations of traditional manicures and pedicures offer longer-lasting benefits and aesthetic results precisely because they are performed dry. In fact, the use of oils and creams makes the adhesion of regular nail polish or gel more difficult and also adversely affects the durability of these products.

It should also be noted that when performing Russian pedicure and manicure, nail polish is applied much closer to the cuticles. This minimizes the space that will occur with regrowth and will therefore promote the durability of the manicure and pedicure.

Therefore, these special dry techniques have all the credentials to win over anyone who wants to look neat and professional and improve the overall appearance of their hands and feet.

How pedicure and dry manicure are performed

Russian pedicure and manicure are professional treatments that require the use of specific tools and knowledge of proper techniques. First, theexperienced nail technician will thoroughly clean the hands or feet, removing old nail polish and pushing the cuticles well. Next he will use an electric diamond needle bur, then use the flame tip and ball tip to work the cuticles well and remove the excess skin present at the nail plate junction.

Next, the esthetician will remove any calluses and level the nail outline. He will then go on to dull the surface using another tip. The treatment will be concluded by using the buffer and applying a good quality nail polish.

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Russian pedicure-unity-beauty-salon

Tips for keeping nails healthy and beautiful after pedicure and dry manicure

To keep your nails healthy and beautiful after a Russian pedicure and manicure session, there are some useful tips to follow. First, it is important to avoid soaking hands or feet in water that is too hot, as this can damage the nails. In addition, it is advisable to use specific moisturizers and oils for nails, that is, products that can keep them soft and nourished.

Finally, it is important to avoid using nails to open bottles or lift heavy objects-this can cause them to break or deform. By following these simple tips, you will be able to keep your nails healthy and beautiful for longer after a Russian pedicure and/or manicure session.

What else should you know about these beauty treatments?

These dry treatments are not recommended for people with very thin natural lamina and also for those with sensitive skin. Dry manicure and pedicure are not indicated if there is minor inflammation surrounding the nail bed. In all these cases you may also decide to perform this type of treatment anyway, but it will be essential to be very careful and avoid passing the cutter several times over the same nail.v

After a careful consultation, the experiencednail technician will tell you whether Russian pedicure and manicure may be the right choice for you. If not, he will advise you on the best solution, and then to opt for the classical technique or another variation such as Japanese.

Finally, it is useful to emphasize the importance of relying on professionals in the field. This is because the treatments we have been discussing turn out to be decidedly complex. When you do not have the skills, you risk not only overheating the skin with the cutter, but also creating irregularities on the nails.

Not performing the technique well also risks making the cuticles grow thicker and harder than before. In addition to having the appropriate skills, it is always essential to make use of a top-quality, professional cutter. It will, of course, need to know how to use it correctly and without elevating its operating speed too much.

Do you want to try Russian pedicure and manicure?

In conclusion, we can say that Russian manicure and pedicure are increasingly popular beauty treatments all over the world. This is particularly due to their ability to provide targeted nail care and to help keep hands and feet healthy and equipped with good looks. You can try Russian pedicure and manicure inside the Unity Beauty salon. Discover all our services by clicking here and book your appointment as soon as possible.

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