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Keratin: smoothing and nourishing treatment

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Today, a procedure such askeratin hair straightening is very popular. The essence of this method is to eliminate electricity and smooth the cuticles with liquid keratin. Keratin straightening helps make hair more manageable, healthy and silky. After the procedure, you can forget about hair problems for 3-6 months.

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Advantages and disadvantages, contraindications

Pros and cons This procedure has both advantages and disadvantages. But the benefits are much greater. The most important benefit is improved combing, straightening, and styling of hair. After keratin straightening, curls become smooth and obedient and also gain spectacular shine.

Even in bad weather, hair does not lend itself to deformation and retains its original appearance. Keratin provides protection from cold, wind, sun and other weather conditions. Another advantage is that this method is suitable for women with different hair types.

Unfortunately, keratin straightening has several disadvantages:

  • The presence of formaldehyde. It is included in some special products. This substance has a negative effect on human health.

  • Potential stress on hair. With an abundance of keratin, hair becomes heavy. For this reason, they can fall.

  • Regular contamination of hedgehogs. The head needs to be washed more often because of the high fat content of the roots.

This procedure is strictly forbidden for testing certain categories. The list includes people with cancer, pregnancy, asthma, keratin allergies, hormonal disorders, and androgenetic alopecia. It is also forbidden to try this method for people who are taking antibiotics, have injuries and diseases associated with the scalp.

Keratin straightening is an excellent procedure that can tidy up hair, as well as make it healthier and smoother. If the procedure is performed correctly, the curls will acquire an aesthetic appearance

10 myths about keratin hair straightening

Hair straightening has been used for a long time so that the procedure itself has its fans. But, like any popular medium, there are also those people who accidentally or deliberately spread all sorts of myths that have nothing to do with straightening.

1. The first myth: hair falls out after the procedure

Hair loss Of course, the wrong procedure can damage the hair. But straightening itself cannot bring them down. But there are those who assure us and, according to them, everything proceeds in stages: The hair absorbs protein, after which it becomes heavier; The bulb with its last strength keeps the hair too heavy and, after a while, releases it.

This pattern confirms the presence of imagination in human beings. But let’s take a look at what some people have noticed in the Guinness Book of World Records. A 39-year-old Yakutia resident dragged a small plane for a distance of more than 10 meters with her hair. The hair was not falling out; he simply did not have the strength to drag it further. And this is a recorded fact. There are many others like it. Therefore, you can safely sweep away the myth that keratin is the cause of hair loss.

In fact, keratin strengthens the hair itself. And this is a laboratory-confirmed fact. In addition, hair cannot be weighed down so much by a cosmetic product that it falls out on its own. By the way, wet hair is three times heavier than dry hair, but how many times a week do you wash your hair?

Keratin straightening also has no effect on hair follicles. After all, the composition itself is applied to the hair and not to the skin. They may begin to fall due to climate change, a recent serious illness, malnutrition, or even extreme stress that occurred three months ago.

If you notice such a problem for yourself, you should not sin about the cosmetic procedure performed, but run to the therapist and conduct a full body examination. And also start actively taking vitamins and mineral complexes-you have an iron deficiency in your cells. By the way, straightening, although a medicine, will not help get rid of hair loss or split ends-remember that, too.

2. Hair structure changes if ironing is performed several times

Another “fairy tale.” This will not happen, even if you strongly desire your excessively curly hair to remain straight forever. The action of keratin is unable to wedge itself into the human genome and modify it.

3. After the procedure, all the hair fell out

This is no longer just a fairy tale, but a horror movie in the style of children’s horror stories. All hair will not be able to fall out, even if the procedure is performed incorrectly on all fronts. Yes, selfies can damage your hair, but they will not make you bald. If you want to calm your nerves, turn to real specialists with many years of experience and using professional equipment and cosmetics.

But it should also be kept in mind that high temperature affects the hair during the procedure. If you make a mistake, you can burn them and they will fall. But from where the iron hit him, and not completely from the onion. This is why the work of the master is important: the specialist will be able to determine how many steps are needed for the hair, how much composition needs to be applied, how long to resist.

4. Ruins the hair

Keratin is essential for hair to keep it healthy. But during straightening, you can really ruin them if you make any of the following mistakes:

  • Apply an insufficient amount of product to save money;

  • Apply too much to be sure;

  • Spread the product unevenly over the curls;

  • He uses cosmetics of dubious origin.

  • If these mistakes are not made, the hair regeneration and restoration procedure will be performed.

5. Keratin as a hair drug

This is like saying that toothpaste is a medication for teeth. The only reason for the myth is that proper ironing has a positive effect on the hairline. And people quickly get used to the good stuff, and after a couple of months they don’t remember how they looked before the procedure. Of course, they will not remember that the hair will return to its original state and sin to “get used” of the hair to the product.

6. Made a straightening – use only expensive brand name shampoos.

In general, it is true, because if you use a low-quality shampoo, the effect of keratin will disappear quickly. But manufacturers forget to make an important clarification: it is necessary to use a low-sulfate shampoo. And you can find one among the budget options as well.

7. It will last only a couple of months

And this is a fact. After the first procedure, you will be able to observe the effect from 2 to 4 months, depending on your health and the surrounding weather. But with regular implementation, the period can increase to 5 months or even longer. But no more than six months.

8. I did keratin, then stopped and started to notice the roots grew back

Keratin is not chemical or milling or some other similar procedure. It has the habit of being washed, does not change the hair structure and leaves the hair gradually. Only a true specialist will be able to tell from your hair when you have stopped keratin straightening, and then, if it “buries itself” in your hairdo.

9. This is harmful!

Yes, heat treatment in terms of composition leads to the appearance of noxious fumes in the room. Well, spend it in a ventilated room and no toxins will enter your body. Also, use the services of trusted masters and only high-quality cosmetics.

10. Cosmetics are the same

No. Cosmetics differ in a number of characteristics. Formaldehyde, by the way, will be in any keratin product because it appears from a chemical reaction in keratin itself. Another thing is that it can be minor or major.

But if it does not exist at all, the straightening will not work, as well as the healing, moreover, it will no longer be a keratin straightening agent.

Keratin is the perfect treatment to strengthen and nourish hair, making it soft and shiny like never before. Don’t miss your chance for healthy, beautiful hair, book your keratin treatment today!

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