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Keratin for hair: what it is, what this smoothing and regenerating treatment is for

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The health of the hair is the top priority for us at Unity Beauty, dyes and bleaching treatments do not have to affect the integrity of the hair, to date there are innovative techniques that aim precisely to regenerate its structure by giving shine and beauty.

What is keratin?

Keratin is the basic protein that goes into forming hair, hair, and nails. Alterations in its synthesis at the level of the hair follicle lead to hair loss that fails to be formed properly, which makes us understand how this protein is the constituent building block of the hair itself.

Internally, keratin also embraces and traps other elements such as minerals, vitamins, and hyaluronic acid, the latter in particular contributing to the hydration of the resulting structure, leading in cases of deficiency to dry hair. Thus harnessing the hair’s constituent element to repair itself is a remarkable step forward in cosmetics.

Keratin for hair: what it is, what this smoothing and regenerating treatment is for-before
Keratin for hair: what it is, what this smoothing and regenerating treatment is used for-afterwards

How does the treatment work?

Once it is understood what keratin is, the treatment that exploits it is easy to understand, in fact it involves theapplication through shampoo of additional keratins that once in contact with the hair will be attracted to it due to their charge and become part of the very structure of the hair. Thus, in this way, the treatment is able to totally repair and increase hair volume from the very first application.

The product used also contains hyaluronic acid, ions and vitamins to ensure adequate nourishment and maintain the natural composition of the hair while restoring strength and shine. Since it is a repair process, it is suitable for all conditions in which dyes, bleaching, straighteners and continuous washing have destabilized, depleted and weakened the very structure of the hair. These situations occur all the time and are made evident by the fragility of a hair that breaks easily, is dry and lacks luster.

Benefits of keratin treatment

The main advantage that makes this practice almost“miraculous” is the very rapid effectiveness; in fact, the effects are clearly visible and 100% repair is achieved with just one treatment. The hair immediately looks stronger, hydrated and brighter regardless of color, and here is the secret to a shimmering and above all healthy blond. In addition, the durability is remarkable protecting the hair for 3-6 months depending on the frequency of washing and further treatment.

The scientific basis supporting this practice is so well-founded that it guarantees immediate results for everyone; the only negative experiences faced by the product (not experienced during our treatments) are related to those who decide to make their own at home without adhering to the directions, such as not to undergo administration less than two months after the last staining. This can lead to the appearance of dandruff or irritation of the leather, a situation, however, that is rare and avoidable with simple precautions and skilled hands.

Criticisms of the treatment

Keratin treatment is often referred to as“lamination for hair” in fact it represents a purely cosmetic regenerative practice that does not solve any root problems. Specifically, if the deterioration of the hair structure is derived from aggressive agents and repeated bleaching and dyeing procedures, then keratin is perfect to curb any problems by restoring the original, natural shape to the coat.

On the contrary, however, the aspect demonized by many is related to the presence of pathologies that herald baldness, thus involving the very synthesis of keratin and hair. In this case the use of this process may simply hide without curing the present condition.

Thus, in particular, we speak of alterations in the hair follicle itself or in the subject’s nutrition that is deficient in certain vitamins that are essential for hair formation, which is why associating the keratin shampoo with a diet balanced o ivitamin ntegrators is always recommended to lengthen the duration of effects and support leather to the fullest.

Product used

We at Unity Beauty rely on the Brazilian brand Felps Professional to offer an exclusive treatment that cannot be replicated at home. This brand provides experience and transparency with products that are certified 0% formaldehyde, not tested on animals and completely BIO.

They also guarantee long-term results and are specific to combat yellowing of the hair even without the use of chemical agents such as formaldehyde mentioned above, but only through the use of amino acids and proteins that are also of plant origin.

In addition, the Professional line is dedicated only for sale and use by hairdressers and hair professionals, which is why the procedure cannot be replicated at home and is not particularly popular in smaller centers.H2: For whom is the keratin treatment indicated?

Because it is based on practically natural elements, it has no contraindications, except for pregnant women, immunocompromised individuals or those with special skin conditions of the skull. For the rest, anyone can experience the restorative action of keratin in total safety; having healthy, strong hair should not be in opposition to doing coloring and other undoubtedly harmful treatments.

As there are aggressive agents that destabilize the structure of the hair there are others such as this that repair it and recompose its essential characteristics. As explained earlier also, being a treatment applied to the entire length of the hair at one centimeter from the base, Does not go to act on hair generation at the level of the bulb, it is therefore indicated for those conditions of fragility and dryness caused by external agents, not by deficits in the formation of the keratin structure itself.

By offering this procedure we at Unity Beauty provide everyone with professionalism and product quality, guaranteeing immediate and tangible results. It is not true that a dyed hair must by definition turn out dry, weak and brittle, and now you are aware of the magic formula to avoid this.


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