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How to make a website for hairdressers, salons and Hairstylists? Here are our recommendations

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How to make a website for hairdressers, salons and Hairstylists? The question lends itself to interpretation. The answers, which we will give, will cover both the technical side, i.e., how to physically create a website, and the purely practical side, i.e., how to structure the site, what to put inside it, and how to manage it.

Nowadays one might be tempted to underestimate the role a website plays for a business, given the almost absolute dominance of social networks nowadays. However, one should not be misled by the amount of traffic that social media generates. An analogy can be made: social channels are the storefronts, beautiful, eye-catching, intriguing.

The website, on the other hand, is the show room, the one that has to impress the customer, that you have to provide them with everything they need in a detailed and timely manner, from general info, to the conclusion of the purchase, in a simple, direct and intuitive way.

How to create your own website

For a hairdresser, the website is the antechamber to his or her salon, where the client must feel as if he or she is already sitting in the chair; he or she must recognize the same style that he or she will later go to see in presence; he or she must find the same language, the same styles, the same people.

In this way, once the client has become familiar with the web portal, he or she will be much more comfortable when he or she comes to see us in attendance, facilitating the interpersonal relationship and allowing him or her to know right away what to expect. Today’s customers really appreciate this feeling, so taking good care of your website is of paramount importance.

If you do not already have one, you will need to create your own web domain, the name of your site for short. There are two ways to do this: rely on a professional in the field or try to do it yourself.
The first solution has a higher cost, but it guarantees professional and well-done work that works and reflects the grammar that a site must have nowadays.

However, it requires ongoing costs over time, because you will have to pay the web master for each change you want to make to the site, such as adding new photos or new text, changing its structure, etc.
The second way, the self-made way, requires a little more effort, but it allows you to always have your own portal at hand and build it as you see fit.

There are costs involved here, too, because a Web site needs a server on which to run (this is a computer constantly connected to the network, in which the site lives and where all portal information is stored). As a rule, those who own only one website do not own a server themselves, but rely on specific companies, which make theirs available to third parties for an annual fee, which is not too expensive.

There are many companies on the market that provide this service-just look them up and choose which one comes closest to your needs in terms of cost and the services they offer.
Warning: for a hairstylist ‘s site, it is necessary to implement an e-commerce space, or at least appointment management. Then choose a provider that offers this function. It is always good to rely on a reliable and helpful Web Agency – Doctor Web Agency would be for you!


How to build a website for your hair salon

Website architecture is critically important to make the browsing experience as simple as possible, making the interface intuitive and arranging all information in a way that is easy to recognize and use, it is always best to get help from a professional in the field!

L‘home page, i.e., the main page that appears to the visitor, should immediately contain the key information about our business: in the specific case of a hair salon, the indispensable things to appear are definitely the logo, which should always be prominently displayed to make any information immediately traceable to the activity, and a few pictures that unambiguously refer to the special features.

We open a small parenthesis here. Most self-produced or low-cost websites are so-called onepage, i.e., portals formed by asingle, stretchingpage that contains all the information on the site. They can be useful, but one must be carefulnot to make everything too confusingand try to separate well the various topics and sections that make up the site.

The advice is to invest a little more and get a site with several sections, so as to channel everyone to the information they are looking for, with text links within the individual sections.
That said, consider a more structured site with several sections divided by topic and function.

The home page should contain all references to the activity of the salon in question, as mentioned above, logo, representative pictures of the main activities and locations, any time promotions to be placed in plain sight. In addition, links to other sections should be placed prominently on the main page, with names that unambiguously refer to the topic.

Everyone is free to structure as they see fit, the important thing is to delineate the various sections well. The main parts of the site, even with different names, should be these:

  • Services. All the services that the hair salon offers will be listed and explained here. It is advisable to intersperse the more classic services with those more particular and peculiar to your business, taking care to explain each feature clearly and appealingly.
  • Photo gallery
  • Contact
  • Who we are. Set out in a simple and concise manner the history of the business, who founded it and who is part of it, perhaps emphasizing its longevity or innovation.

Advanced Sections

As structured above, the site already has a good setup. However, additional functions can be implemented that can help greatly in managing the business. Of course, to think about this, you also have to keep in mind the kind of target audience you have or would like to attract.

Although all segments of the population now make extensive use of the Internet, the more mature ones tend to be fond of traditional ways, i.e., phone calls or personal interviews. On the other hand, if you have a younger target audience that is more accustomed to using the Internet to purchase and pay for services, you may consider including an e-commerce section on your site.

A space reserved for online shopping, although they will not be selling products, but services. The section will complement the appointment booking system, allowing anyone to book their own independently.

Obviously in this case you will need to integrate this function with your normal appointment book, so that those made online and those made in person do not overlap.

There are many programs, even at a low cost, that enable these functions in total autonomy.
A website built in this way will give the hair salon a leg up, both managerially and in terms of image. Entrust the construction of the website for your business to Doctor Web Agency.

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