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How to dull yellow-orange blond and how to avoid it with a cool blond toner

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One of the latest trends in hair fashion is cool shades, which is slowly supplanting the classic blond. Do you, too, dream of a superb hue worthy of an ice queen, sublime yet sharp as the reflections of the sun on shards of glass? Cool blond toner is right for you

Maybe you even tried but the result was disappointing because of the yellow or orange hues that emerged a few washes later? Know that what you are looking for is the desire of many women who, like you, want to keep up with the latest fashions and give their hair a flawless look that expresses their personality.

Although difficult to achieve, this result is not impossible-just turn to experts who know exactly how to treat your hair to give you the perfection you deserve.

We at Unity Beauty are here in downtown Milan to give you all the advice you need and help you remove those horrible yellow and orange shades by replacing them with icy shades that enhance the beauty of your face.

How to dull yellow-blond with a cool blond toner

Let’s start with the yellow-blond problem. To turn it off, there are two possible solutions. The first, although it does not guarantee professional results, can also be practiced at home, and consists of using anti-yellowing shampoos or masks .

The principle of operation is based on complementary colors. In fact, the enemy shades of cool blond emerge because of the pigment that is discharged during washes, leaving those brass and canary yellow blooms you so detest. Anti-yellow shampoos come in a curious purple hue that contrasts precisely with its yellow complement.

However, this system has a drawback: it can only be applied during washing, and we know that dyed hair and frequent washing do not get along well, as it makes it dry and dull.

The second solution, which instead promises you a top result, is to turn to a beauty salon that can best assist you. At Unity Beauty, we specialize in blond hair, and we approach the problem with all the seriousness due to the beauty of your hair.

The first step will be a comprehensive consultation by our Hair Coach Svitlana Sokol, who will precisely and scientifically identify your problem and then perform a colorimetry, to meticulously determine the shades of color your hair needs to make yellow highlights disappear.

The resulting blend of shades will give you the perfect blond you deserve.

To achieve a more uniform result, the treatment includes prepigmentation, which should be done before the main coloring to smooth out irregularities due to that yellowish color.

Alternatively, we can clean your hair with a color remover, a process that will clean the structure of the hair, removing the residue of the old color. This operation will ensure you get a new dye job without any flaws and imperfections, starting from scratch.

Finally, we will move on to toning, either double or triple, which we will see in more detail later.


How to get rid of orange with a cool blonde toner

Another enemy of the algid hue you desire are orange shades. These annoying nuances are a potential effect of misbehavior, such as due to excessive exposure to heat, or due to the treatment itself.

Bleach is a really aggressive product on hair, and high-volume oxidations, especially when performed by hairdressers who are less than experienced, can also result in Damage to the hair structure. To prevent these unwanted effects, it is definitely preferable to use slower, more gradual, low-volume lightenings, which are 90 percent less likely to ruin the natural constitution and health of the hair.

At Unity Beauty center, we will help you find the solution to remove these imperfections, starting with colorimetry and hair biochemistry to customize a treatment cut specifically for you.

We will first perform a low-volume bleaching, and then continue with a repigmentation. This is a process that will give your hair back the natural pigments that previous dyes and bleaching have taken away. This is a key step to ensure that your next coloring is successful without any other nasty surprises, such as dullness or an unwanted shade.

The other solution we will implement is neutralization, to cancel out unwanted colors by taking advantage of the color wheel to find the complementary one.

Finally, again toning will be used.

Toning: the secret of cool shades

Now here we come to the highlight: toning. This is an ammonia-free semi-permanent coloring that involves the addition of direct pigments, designed specifically to restore vitality and body to dull hair. It is therefore perfect for hair damaged by indiscriminate bleaching.

This application has no lightening power, but is used after bleaching the hair, with the specific goal of preventing the yellow and orange tones that you so desperately want to avoid from emerging. It is therefore more of a great prevention system with a reduced impact on the health of your hair.

In fact, the cold blonde toner, thanks to the very low levels of peroxide, does not affect the naturally occurring keratin layer, and the color remains on the surface giving you beautiful icy shades.

If you then want to learn more about these latest hues, you can read this article.

At Unity Beauty, we are experts in this type of treatment, and if you decide to visit us, we will be able to point you toward the right solution to achieve your dream of brilliant snow-colored or cool blond hair without the slightest yellow glow.

We will welcome you with all our warmth to make you feel at home, and once you see the final result, you will only admire yourself in the mirror. To get a broader overview of our services click here.

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