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Highlights: illuminating effect tinting services in Milan

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Did you say highlights? Hair is every woman’s calling card, and keeping it healthy and shiny is essential.
Full-bodied, shiny hair will make sure to enhance your face and skin color, giving your image a natural effect.

Don’t miss the opportunity to find out how our hair styling service can transform your look.

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How many times have you heard that bleaching your hair is bad for you and might ruin it? And how many times have you had to give up the shade of blond you wanted out of fear? Bleaching hair no longer has to be a taboo.

At Unity Beauty, we will help you feel free and beautiful, and thanks to our team of colorist hairdressers who use state-of-the-art bleaching techniques, such as highlights, airtouch–the perfect blond will no longer be an impossible dream. A good result is achieved by choosing the right professional to rely on.

There are no impossible shades to achieve; an unnatural result often results because of hairdressers who are not adequately trained in handling shades that are too light and difficult to achieve, especially when starting with a darker hair color. In addition, it is necessary to understand that the secret of a perfect blond is to lighten the hair gradually, without using overly aggressive techniques and bleaching.

Our salon will be your new corner of paradise; the Unity Beauty colorist center in Milan is the first salon specializing in blond and innovative restructuring treatments, which has been in the industry for years, thanks to an experienced team whose only goal is your satisfaction.

You will touch the results given by innovative lightening techniques that respect the structure of your hair as much as possible while avoiding damaging and weakening it. In addition, we will help you find the right shade of blond to bring out your natural beauty. And therein lies the key: every woman has her own blond, and there is no perfect shade for everyone.

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Shots of the sun illuminating effect tinting services in Milan7
Shots of the sun illuminating effect tinting services in Milano3

Lightening services offered in the salon

Our colorist hairdressers will make sure to revive the natural color of your hair, which will shine in its own light after the treatment. You deserve the perfect blond that brings out your personality and self-esteem, and thanks to this technique, you will regain your youthful appearance.

For something less invasive, let’s turn to shatush, which is, as explained earlier, a treatment that strives to lighten the ends in particular, while keeping the roots intact and taking the natural color of the hair as a base. Shatush allows the hair to be lightened on strategic points, even with a three-tone gap.

Unity Beauty specializes in the technique of babylights, which are very small spots of light throughout the hair that are suitable for any hair type and color. It is among the lightening techniques that give one of the most natural effects possible and is performed in the width direction of the hair and only on the sections to be lightened. Unlike techniques such as balayage, therefore, it is less invasive but with an excellent and very fine result.

Read more about this technique here.

The top trends of the moment besides highlights

Among the most popular techniques at the moment even among celebrities is Airtouch, which is a very popular lightening technique. The strands are split through a jet of air that makes sure to separate healthy hair from weakened hair. This is a less aggressive technique with a more natural detachment from the root.

This technique requires, more than ever, technical skills and precision. We at Unity Beauty specialize in this novelty that comes straight from Russia.

Undesirable effects of suboptimal bleaching

The hairdresser you rely on to bleach your hair must be truly experienced and know in detail each bleaching technique and the details of colorimetry. Otherwise, you may get a different result than required, with the undesirable effect of yellow, or worse, burned hair that breaks due to the application of high-volume oxygens and little knowledge in hair biochemistry and incorrect execution of the bleaching technique Here you will be able to find information on how to remedy that error.

At Unity Beauty, we guarantee a service that includes a thorough analysis of the structure of your hair type, leaving out no detail before bleaching.You will be given tips on the best professional products to use to keep your hair healthy in the long run to avoid resorting to further very invasive bleaching that could damage the hair structure and Avoid burning them.

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