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Hair that breaks off and won’t grow: here are the cures and treatments to prevent hair loss

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Hair is now more than ever an indispensable element for each person. In fact, a good haircut, combined with a good hairstyle and accompanied by the right color, can really make all the difference on any face, so much so that it can breathe new life into it, enhancing and rejuvenating it.

There are several issues that we may face as we begin to take more care of our hair. From dry and brittle hair, to frizzy, puffy hair to what for many is a real nightmare, weak hair that breaks.

In fact, excessive hair weakness is often the cause of an initial loss that within a few months can have a more or less large and visible impact on the entire scalp, so much so that it is a problem that needs to be resolved as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, there are several today tools available to counter weakness and hair loss, but in any case, early intervention by experts remains the best way out of this frightening nightmare that grips more and more people of all genders and ages.

Before we look together at what types of treatments to use and possible cures, let’s see why hair breaks, what are the main causes and their composition, and how their weakness can affect actual hair loss.

As a constant reminder, for anyone wishing to turn to an experienced, hands-on team that can expertly solve any of your problems, simply contact us to book an appointment at one of our salons for more information and an initial consultation.

What is the structure of the hair.

As mentioned above, before analyze carefully all possible remedies to counteract hair loss and strengthen hair so that it does not break, it is necessary to talk about what the structure of the hair is and what factors can lead to excessive weakening and subsequent loss.

What is important to remember is that there are different hairs; in fact, not all of them have the same characteristics. When we talk about hair, we are essentially referring to hairs that are made up of three main parts, one immediately visible, represented by the stem (also called the shaft), which consists of the outermost part that we are led to style and arrange as we please, a bulb, which is instead located just under the skin, and finally the root, located even deeper.

These three components are the same in all hair, however, there are some people who are more prone to weak and sensitive structures. Usually curly hair has a wider chance of breakage, as its spiral structure makes the weakening process much easier. In addition, always curly hair has longer growth times, which in this way makes the loss of now-missing bulbs more visible.

Hair-that-splits-and-don't-grow-there's-care-and-treatments-to-avoid-hair loss-2

Why what reasons hair breaks.

There are many reasons that can lead to hair breakage and subsequent hair loss. These tend to fall into two main categories, namely due to chemical damage and mechanical damage. Let us therefore analyze together.

Chemical-type damage is often the most aggressive. This in fact occurs when the hair is exposed to harsh chemicals or to particular services that were not performed as it should have been. Very aggressive bleaching and perms, if not carried out by experienced hands can actually cause rapid damage to the scalp, weakening it.

Mechanical damage, on the other hand, involves several factors, including environmental factors and habits such as too much combing or frequent use of curlers. Excessive color, especially if prolonged, may also be one of the reasons for the mechanical type weakening.

Causes such as stress, low-nutrient diet and wrong habits can largely influence hair breakage. Not only that, iron deficiencies, excessively slimming diets, smoking, medications, and certain thyroid and hormonal disorders can all also be elements that promote hair breakage and hair loss.

When the hair is damaged, dehydrated dry, it breaks, causing it to split and develop split ends. If the hair loss appears to be contained then it will suffice to take extra care and attention to avoid worsening, but if rapid hair loss should be observed, it is advisable to consult an experienced physician or trichologist to intervene promptly and solve the problem before it becomes irreversible.

Cures and treatments to combat hair loss.

Thus, we understood how weakening of the hair represents one of the main causes leading to hair loss. In some cases, a delay in intervening to counteract this phenomenon can result in excessive shedding, generating receding hairline or particular areas where hair appears more thinning and less thick.

To intervene, it is first necessary to encourage proper nutrition that provides the right amount of nutrients and vitamins. It is essential to maintain a sufficient caloric balance for the proper regeneration process of the scalp. Trying to avoid stress and having a regular sleep cycle are both helpful in combating hair loss.

To strengthen the bulbs it might be useful to use specific products, especially those with natural ingredients, to help restore the structure of the hair and give it strength and shine. In fact, there are real wellness treatments for the scalp, with the aim of significantly reducing the risk of breakage and promoting spontaneous and rapid growth.

Avoiding applying too intense and direct heat sources to the hair significantly avoids the risk of hair breakage.

The main advice in these cases is always to intervene quickly, relying on an experienced figure, whether a trichologist or a professional hair salon who will still be able to carefully assess each client’s personal situation and provide the right treatments and remedies to counteract weakening, breakage and excessive hair loss.

At Unity Beauty, we offer a free consultation with our hair coaches and Hair Care Experts, who will be able to assess the state of your hair with their in-depth knowledge of hair biochemistry. They will also know how to choose the right procedures to prevent and stop hair breakage and help you choose home care to maintain the state of your hair at home.

Example of one of our clients – Alessandra

Alessandra’s story began four years ago when she still had short, almost bob-like hair with thick streaks and incomprehensible yellow-green hues, burned and broken. (see photo)

She went to one of Unity Beauty’s technicians and began, “My hair hasn’t grown in 2 years, it’s always the same length, I can’t take it anymore!”

After several assessments of the state of her hair, she began a restructuring course with lamination treatments and they changed her bleaching technique to Sun Kiss (Babylight) with a natural effect.

With a lot of patience and trust in the professionalism of Unity Beauty staff, today Alessandra is happy and proud of the result achieved. Her hair is long, healthy, shiny again and has acquired the desired natural color.

If you have a similar problem, we are waiting for you at Unity Beauty in Milan and will be happy to help you!


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