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Hair talks about you: discover the importance of its care for your self-esteem

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We all think that having healthy, thick, shiny hair is a way to express strength or virility, in the case of men, and femininity and beauty in the case of women. The psychology of hair has an ancient history, and there are so many civilizations that have established their own beauty standards around the condition of men’s and women’s hair.

Over time, cuts and colors have even been associated with different personalities and symbologies. Nowadays we have all come to a conclusion: it is very important to take care of our hair… Our self-esteem (and more) depends on it!

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The psychology of hair and some information to know

Over the years, scholars have attributed different psychological meanings to hair. The main ones are as follows: seduction, rebirth and strength. When they are beautiful and long, they can make a person more seductive.

When we change their appearance, they help us to be reborn, to turn things around, to put a stop to them, and to take a new path. When they are healthy, shiny and full-bodied, they express strength, vitality, vigor–if they are not, they can present themselves as a symbol of weakness.

The appearance of hair can show how we feel and also our personality. For example, neat and tidy hair suggests that the person in question pays attention to his or her image and appearance. Conversely, messy, disheveled and/or neglected hair can be interpreted as a sign of disinterest in one’s image and look. In any case, hair is an important element of self-image and can convey meaningful messages to others.

Emotions and our hair

What you have read so far are not just words. On the contrary, it has been established that hair psychology exists and, more specifically, that there is a very close relationship between our hair and emotions. Hair can convey different messages about our personality and can even give insight into what our emotions and feelings are. In fact, it has been confirmed by much research that what we feel can affect the appearance of our hair.

Just as with the skin, when we are sick or stressed, our hair can be dull and look less healthy. During times when we feel happy and peaceful, however, our hair is also healthier and brighter. This is a physiological effect proven over time and by numerous research studies.

If morale collapses, hair can fall out. If hair falls out, morale may also fall

Considering what we have said and the basics of hair psychology, it is not hard to think that even hair loss can show something about us and how we feel. Of course, we are not talking about the hair loss that occurs in older people or due to genetic issues. We are talking about those times when young boys or girls, for example, suffer from depression and it is (also) their hair that is affected.

Stress and many forms of psychological felling, as well as anxiety and fear of not being able to be well, can trigger premature hair loss. Not surprisingly, many people, when they get their lives back on track, are happy to notice that their hair also comes back thick.

It is also possible that, on the contrary, it is physiological hair loss that causes a drop in self-esteem or depression. Even the “simple” fear of losing hair (falacrophobia) can trigger some negative effects from a psychological point of view. For example, it can cause:

  • embarrassment,
  • sense of shame,
  • anxiety states,
  • isolation.

It can also result in a kind of obsession to search for remedies, causes, solutions and testimonies provided by other people in the same situation.

36-Salon-of-Beauty-Unity-Beauty-portfolioHair talks about you: discover the importance of its care for your self-esteem

Psychology of hair: other meanings to know

Over the years, research has led to the discovery of so many things. For example, for those who choose to shave their heads, psychology speaks for itself: the act of shaving is a desire for change or even rejuvenation. With regard to women, the drastic cut (to zero or very short) also has this meaning.

Still talking about the choice to cut hair and psychology, it is useful to consider that even the act of cutting one’s own hair is a conscious act toward change. However, this choice also evokes a strong desire for independence and a desire to be the sole architects of this change.

What about psychology and hair always tied up instead? It has been found that most of the time wearing hair down is synonymous with freedom, as well as a reminder of seduction and sensuality. Wearing them tied up is a way to seek order and to feel neater.

Another curiosity we would like to share in this article concerns the act of dying one’s hair red and the psychology of hair. According to researchers, red evokes a desire for nonconformity and rebellion, but also a desire to express one’s sensuality.

The relationship between hair and self-esteem

Taking into account what we have said and still talking about the psychology of hair, we can emphasize that hair is a relevant part of a person’s self-image. This is precisely why it can greatly affect his self-esteem.

The relationship between hair and self-esteem has been the subject of numerous studies and research showing the importance of good hair care in feeling good about oneself. Some research has shown that having thick, healthy hair can help a person see themselves and feel more attractive and confident. On the other hand, as we have seen earlier, hair loss and baldness can lead to reduced self-esteem and problems with self-perception.

Us, others and the psychology of hair

The hairstyle and appearance of hair can greatly affect a person’s self-image because hair is among the first elements that are noticed by others. A wrong hairstyle or haircut choice or one that does not suit one’s face can therefore have a negative impact on the perception of others and, consequently, also on a person’s self-image.

On the contrary, it has been found that choosing the ideal hairstyle, cut or color that can enhance the face is a factor that can greatly increase self-confidence and self-perception as an attractive and well-groomed person. Knowing that others might see us as attractive helps us feel more attractive.

Also, as anticipated, it has been determined that the way we wear our hair can convey something about us. Therefore, the look of hair can be used as a tool for expressing one’s personality and personal style, communicating meaningful messages to others.

It can also be used to show what we are not yet but would like to be, thus shortening the transition between our present and the future we desire.

We care for our hair to care for our self-esteem

For all these reasons, it is always important not to underestimate the psychology of hair. It is also relevant to make an effort to always choose the hairstyle, cut and color that best suits one’s personality and lifestyle, without being influenced too much by current fashions or trends.

In general, even “simple” and consistent hair care can be an effective way to increase self-esteem and improve self-perception. Choosing products specifically for your hair type can improve the health of your hair and make it look brighter and healthier. In addition, good care can help prevent hair loss or damage.

As we have said, when hair is healthy and beautiful it sends a positive message to others. Consequently, it can also help increase self-esteem and our happiness.

Hair psychology: we can also help you boost your self-esteem

Everything we have said so far confirms that our hair always tells something about us. It also shows us that emotions and hair have a very close relationship indeed that we cannot underestimate. It is precisely for these reasons that it is essential to take care of our hair so that we can best convey our personality and communicate to others what we desire. At the same time, we must take care of our mental and physical well-being, thus also promoting the well-being of our hair.

At Unity Beauty, we can help you create a look that can give you new positive emotions and foster the growth of your self-esteem. We can help you keep your hair healthy, beautiful and strong and use hair psychology in your favor. What are you waiting for? Book your appointment directly online!

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