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Hair stylist or hairdresser? Learn the definition, meaning and differences

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When it comes to hair care, every person wants to rely on a professional figure who is perfectly capable of fostering a healthy and long-lasting life to the hair, providing their basic knowledge and expanding it over time with new trends

We often hear about hairdressing and hair stylist , although the difference between these two concepts is sometimes not well understood.

The first is a person who works in or owns a beauty salon, has presumably attended a special school and knows all the techniques of cutting, coloring and styling perfectly.
We are referring to a person who will be able to take care of the hair in the best possible way, carrying out the client’s requests and allowing the client to leave the store satisfied in most cases.

The discourse broadens considerably when instead we refer to the ‘hair styler, literally fashionable hairdresser, a 360-degree figure who not only focuses his attention on the hair, but considers a number of parameters to make it perfect with respect to the person in front of him.

The goal is to take as many refresher courses as possible, to learn from time to time the latest techniques and trends from all parts of the world.
The goal is to create a style within which the woman or man can fully reflect themselves, experiencing a true revolution in overall look and not just the hair.

How to become a world-renowned hair styler

That of ‘ hair styler is a decidedly complex job, which starts by taking a professional course that can provide all the basics to initially become a licensed hairdresser.

Progressing according to your skills, each class will enable you to learn how to comb or cut hair, assimilating increasingly complex techniques so that you have a comprehensive skill set capable of satisfying a wide range of clientele.

If, on the other hand, you want to grow further and earn fame and success, you need to take an extra step and attend refresher sessions that will allow you to rise to the level of hair stylist so that you know how to use the most innovative techniques.

In fact, there are nations that come up with more and more modern innovations every season, both in terms of cutting and color, going through the reconstruction of the stem so that it always appears healthy and perfectly intact.
The next step is to expand one’s knowledge toward cosmetology, going alongside the basic concepts of hairdressing school to be able to provide a comprehensive and multifaceted service.

Sources can be drawn both from the real professionals in the field, who offer the opportunity to follow seminars thematically about ideas from the U.S. or other similarly cutting-edge countries, both from Internet, a decidedly large pool where you can get useful advice by viewing tutorials and listening to the experiences of those who have been successful in this profession.

The key is to never quench your curiosity and never feel 100 percent accomplished, as a true hair styler always has his eye on the future and what new this is capable of offering.

What features should a hair styler have

To be considered a true professional in the industry, a hair styler should not be limited to possessing only the knowledge of a hairdresser.
In addition to the basic skills related to cutting, styling, and color, there is a component of creativity that needs to be nurtured every day, thoroughly studying the proposals from overseas, where great attention is paid to every color but especially to blond, which is highly valued by the local female population.

Added to this aspect of analysis is a personal ability to rework what has been learned, making it one’s own and trying to put one’s own twist on it while reworking the work.

This is the case, for example, with the approach that is carried out in our salon, where the highly qualified staff, led by Svitlana, will know how to make your cut or color unique and unrepeatable, paying attention to respecting the client’s personality and tastes.
The result you will get will be hair that is flawless and, above all, different from others, designed down to the smallest detail according to your complexion, lifestyle and the character you are able to show to the world.

The perfect hair styler’s kit should certainly not lack a pinch of courage, believing in what one’s skills are and pursuing a belief if it feels right.
There will always be a first time when a technique will be tried or insights will be had that have never been tried before, the key is to carefully weigh the pros and cons and proceed cautiously.

Thanks to the notions of chemistry and reaction between the various elements, it will be possible to compose the most suitable color and lighten the locks in a natural yet effective way.
Another essential characteristic of this professional figure is a fair amount of listening skills, since the client sitting in the post probably has expectations that one should try not to disappoint.

If, however, the ideas do not seem correct having a more expert view on the outcome, a good hair styler will find a way to provide his advice in a completely authoritative way, proposing fashionable ideas while respecting the client’s physiognomy.

Therefore, we can conclude that hairdresser and hair styler are one the evolution of the other, in that the former possesses the basic knowledge and knows perfectly how to treat the hair, and the latter is capable of providing a comprehensive opinion that revises the style and not just the hair.

This is exactly the goal that Unity Beauty, which wishes to become a point of reference for all those women who are not only want to lighten and keep their hair light and shiny, but wish to give their look a swerve by choosing the techniques that best suit their personality and skin color.

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