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Hair extensions: what types exist and which is the perfect solution for you, find out our experts’ advice

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Le hair extensions have become an increasingly popular accessory among women who want to change their look or add volume to their hair.

To accommodate every need and preference, there are multiple types of extensions, each with its own characteristics and capable of providing different benefits. Let’s look at what types are available on the market and how to choose the ones best suited to your needs, how to apply them, and how to take care of them to keep them beautiful and healthy.

Two different solutions for different needs

Hair extensions can be made from synthetic or natural materials. They can basically consist of fake hair or made from real hair. Synthetic extensions are generally less expensive and can be produced in a wide range of colors and styles, but they have limited durability and cannot be colored or shaped with thermal styling tools.

Real hair extensions, on the other hand, are more expensive but last longer and can be treated in a variety of ways: they can be colored, bleached, flat ironed, curled with an iron, etc. In addition, real hair extensions match the user’s hair better and offer a more natural and realistic look.

The high-quality natural hair used for the extensions can be maintained and reused for several years. The important thing is to care for it properly and adopt a proper maintenance routine.

Hair extensions: the different types

There are several types of hair extensions to choose from, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. They differ from each other particularly in how they are applied.

  • Clip-on – They are easy to apply and remove, requiring no glue or special tools.
  • Double-sided – They are applied thanks to the double-sided adhesive present at the top of the lock.
  • Weave- They are sewn onto natural hair and offer greater durability.
  • Micro-ring (Microring) – Using small metal rings, these hair extensions are attached to natural hair.
  • Keratin – These extensions have a special glue that is used to join hair strands to the roots of natural hair.

How to choose the perfect extensions for you

Choosing the perfect hair extensions depends on several factors, including hair type, desired style, duration and budget. If you have fine or damaged hair, clip-on or weave extensions might be better options, as they exert less traction on natural hair. On the other hand, if you have thick or curly hair, keratin or micro-ring extensions might be more suitable.

If you want a temporary lengthening and/or volume increase for a special occasion, clip-on extensions are a suitable choice. If, on the other hand, you prefer a long-term solution, weave or keratin extensions will prove to be the most durable choice. Finally, consider your budget: real hair extensions are generally more expensive than synthetic extensions, but they offer a more natural look and last longer.

The application and care of hair extensions

The methodology of application obviously depends on the type of extension chosen. When choosing clip-on or double-sided extensions, simply divide the hair into sections and apply the strands near the roots of the natural hair, using precisely the small clips or adhesive part. Regarding other types of extensions, it is helpful to seek professional help. In any event, it is always important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for applying the extensions and make sure not to apply too much traction to natural hair to avoid damage.

Regarding the care and maintenance of hair extensions, it is recommended to avoid too frequent washings, as excessive use of shampoo can make them dry and brittle. (In general, is washing hair too often bad for you? Let’s find out here).

It is a good idea to use some conditioner in order to keep them soft and shiny, and comb them gently with a wide-toothed comb. In case you need to cut or shape the extensions, it will be advisable to contact a professional hairdresser to avoid damaging them.

What NOT to do…

Of course, there are also some things not to do while using hair extensions. For example, it is important not to use thermal tools such as straighteners and curling irons on synthetic hair extensions. If you use clip-on or double-sided adhesive ones, you should not wash them when you have them on, but should remove them first.

Among other things, it is important to avoid sleeping while keeping them anchored in one’s hair. Otherwise you will go to pull and stress the hair too much.

Apart from using clip-on or double-sided extensions, it is always important to avoid do-it-yourself. In fact, the application of the other types is not easy to complete independently. In addition, without the proper skills, you risk ruining your hair. Relying on professionals in the field will help you get personalized advice and better understand which solution is best in your case.

It will also be possible to understand which shade is best suited to create a natural effect. In the event that it is not available, real hair extensions can be chosen and colored and/or bleached to the desired color.

Hair extensions: solutions from our salon

If what you are looking for is a lasting solution that can give beauty, length and/or volume to your hair, then ask our staff. We will provide you with a personalized consultation, during which we will carefully assess the condition of your hair, the desired effect, and the amount of hair extensions needed. Then we will find the right shade and provide you with a detailed quote.

At Unity Beauty, we use microcaps to be applied with keratin or special glue. These prove perfect for anyone who wants not only to have longer hair, but also to increase the volume and mass of the hair. Our keratin-applied extensions last about 3-4 months. At the end of the period, it will be possible to remove them or arrange them in a way to keep them for longer.

We also offer an alternative solution for special occasions: clip-on hair extensions. These are applied when you do your hair in the salon. After that they can be removed independently and reused when needed or on another special occasion. Find out all the details of our service on this page and book a consultation as soon as possible.

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