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Go from dark to natural blond without stress: trust the experts for a flawless transformation

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It happens often to change one’s mind even when it comes to hair, and not a few people want to go from dark to natural blond after years. Unfortunately, however, it can also take months and several sessions to return to the original color and get to blond. With these assumptions, let’s go find out everything you need to know when you want to make such a drastic change.

“Is it possible to lighten hair in one session?”: this is the question we hear most often

As anticipated, to lighten dark hair almost always requires more than one session. First, in fact, one must first understand whether the one to be lightened is a natural dark color or a cosmetic dark color. In the former case the road is much smoother.

This is because a hair that has not been cosmetically treated (and therefore not colored) might also lighten in a single session, which, however, could last for many hours. It may therefore be necessary to be very patient and to have to spend some time in the salon before arriving at the desired result and shade.

That is why in any eventuality, even when one session would suffice, it is always a good idea to schedule multiple appointments. This will make the operation less burdensome and also give you time to properly strengthen, replenish and nourish the hair. In other words, it is best to be patient and use multiple sessions to go from dark to natural blond. Doing so will result in not only clear hair, but also beautiful, shiny, well-nourished and healthy hair.

Going from dark to natural blond: The importance of splitting the process and caring for hair between sessions

When going from a dark color to a natural blond, it is often necessary to divide the process into several sessions to ensure optimal results and Preserving the quality of hair. This stepwise approach is recommended because the bleach used to lighten hair can have a significant impact on its texture and health.

That is why it is preferable to divide the lightening process into several sessions:

  1. Minimize damage: Bleaching to achieve a blond shade requires the removal of dark pigments in the hair. This process can weaken hair and make it more susceptible to damage such as dryness, brittleness and loss of elasticity. By dividing bleaching over several sessions, chemical stress on the hair is minimized, allowing it to adapt gradually and limiting damage.

  1. Maintaining hair health: In between sessions, it is critical to spend time caring for and restoring hair health. This involves using products specifically for damaged hair, such as nourishing masks and moisturizing treatments, to restore hydration and vitality to the hair. In addition, avoiding excessive use of heat tools and adopting a gentle styling routine will help maintain the health of the hair during the bleaching process.

  1. Assess hair tolerance: Bleaching can have a different effect on each individual, depending on the nature of the hair and its history of previous chemical treatments. Dividing the process over several sessions allows for a better assessment of how the hair reacts to the bleaching and for any changes or adjustments to be made in subsequent sessions to avoid damage and achieve desired results.

The transition from cosmetic black to blond

Patience must be even more consistent in case you want to go from dark to natural blond by treating hair that has already been colored. Many times, in fact, when hair is colored a black or other very dark color, lightening it becomes a real feat. Doing it in one session is almost always impossible, partly because you risk totally ruining the hair fiber and failing to achieve the desired results.

Although the bleaches currently used are very gentle, and if salons also perform treatments to nourish the bleached hair, each hair reacts differently. This means that the results may differ from person to person, and the hair may also be considerably wasted. Therefore, very often even using the best products may not be enough to ensure an optimal result in a short time.

What to do, then, to go from dark to natural blond?

In any case, it is essential to rely on professionals in the field. The latter will be able to assess the situation and condition of the hair and work out the best solution. They will also take care of testing a strand to see how the hair will react. Once it has been decided how to proceed, the hairdresser in charge will prepare the bleach to be used and apply it to the hair.


It is always good not to expect to go from dark to natural blond and achieve the desired color in one treatment. Even if it were possible to achieve the goal in one session, the latter could take up to more than six hours, and, as we have said, it is not worth stressing yourself and ruining your hair to try to have “everything right away.”

The first step of bleaching could, for example, cause black hair to turn chocolate brown. The next might lighten them again and make them tend toward red, and so on. In short, one bleaching treatment will not be enough. This is precisely why it is best to be patient, make multiple appointments, and start with the idea that this operation might even cost enough.

Most of the time, going from dark to natural blond requires at least two bleaches: only when the dark pigment has been permanently removed then can the hair be dyed the desired shade of blond.

Can clear dye be of use?

Unfortunately, a light dye cannot bring the color from dark to natural blond because it does not have the ability to bleach dark hair. What it will do is add a new color pigment to the hair (which clearly will have no effect because the hair is darker), but it will not go to remove the old pigment. For the removal of color already incorporated into the hair, bleaching powder or Color Remover must necessarily be used.

Dyeing can be a good solution to lighten natural hair but not hair that has already been dyed. It can, however, as we said before, be used after bleaching in order to achieve the blond you want.

What should you not do when you go to the hairdresser?

Remember that when you go to the hairdresser to go from dark to natural blond, you should definitely not hide your hair coloring history. It is important for the professional to know:

  • what products you used,
  • for how many years,
  • How often you performed the staining.

All this information will be able to help the hairdresser understand how pigment-laden your hair is. Considering this he will also be able to understand approximately how many sessions it will take to get to the lightening that will allow for the natural blond color and then, eventually, another shade of blond.

In addition to telling everything, it is crucial that you start off on the right foot, which is-as we have said many times, precisely because it is important-with a great deal of patience. You should never insist on getting your hair lightened in one sitting: doing so only risks ending up with burned hair and having to cut it very short.

From dark to natural blond: can you do it at home?

The final suggestion is this: avoid arming yourself with several boxes of bleach and lighten your hair completely on your own. This is also because not all bleaches are the same: you need to choose the ideal type and prepare them using the right amounts of product. This is the only way to avoid wasting the hair.

Deciding to save money on hair care by opting for at-home bleaching is therefore very risky. Therefore, if you decide to go from dark to natural blond, choose to do things properly and put the well-being of your hair first. Be prepared to invest in professional care and perform various treatments in the salon.

In case you still decide to change the color at once, be prepared to go to the hairdresser every two weeks anyway. In this way, the practitioner can treat the hair properly and slowly replenish it of the components lost during the prolonged bleaching session. Request a personalized consultation with us as soon as possible and find out what we can do for you.

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