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Frizzy and puffy hair? Discover grandmother’s remedies, the best products and treatments

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Frizzy and puffy hair: the causes

The dream of hair that is always tidy and perfect is now an achievable goal even for those who have a tendency to have frizzy and puffy hair. It is known that frizzy and puffy hair can create an unpleasant feeling because it gives a messy and unpleasant appearance, and this happens all the more frequently with curly hair but also with straight hair.

Today, finally, thanks to new treatment methods, it is possible to have hair that is always perfect and super fashionable, without fearing hair frizz anymore. To eliminate the effect of puffy and frizzy hair, it is necessary to change its structure and turn to specialized professionals who understand hair care such as the professionals at Unity Beauty visitable through the home page of

To solve this long-standing problem and implement the appropriate remedies, it is best to rely on the care of experienced hands that know how to identify the causes: in fact, these can be multiple and even interrelated.
Granted that for the general well-being of the hair it is necessary to lead a healthy life combined with a balanced diet, a frizzy and swollen hair could certainly also be related to a genetic factor, and in this case, unfortunately, the problem will be evident from birth.

But no fear because, even in these cases, the nuisance of swollen and frizzy hair can be permanently resolved! It is more likely that the most frequent causes are the wrong and overly aggressive treatments, procedures that may have damaged the hair structure in the long run: excessive DIY coloring, or too much stress caused by incorrect use of the hair dryer or abuse of the flat iron, or even the use of excessively hot water when rinsing.

But the cause that causes the much-feared frizziness of the hair most of all is definitely the climatic and environmental factors:humidity and wind or saltiness negatively affect the structure of the hair causing the hated puffy and frizzy effect.
But that is not why it is necessary to lock oneself in the house during rain to fear ruining the foliage because once the causes are known, it will be enough to apply the right remedies.


Frizzy and puffy hair: grandma’s natural beauty remedies

Grandma’s remedies are known to be very popular, but will they all always be effective? Not only shampoo and conditioner but there are some masks or products provided directly from nature to soften and shine the hair: theapple cider vinegar, rich in various minerals, is a well-known treatment that was so popular in grandmothers’ time: use after washing with a gentle massage and before applying conditioner or do as a real pack.

This treatment should be repeated at least twice a month for satisfactory results, although it has the negative effect of leaving an acrid, pungent odor on the skin. Even this would be remedied in fact it would be sufficient to add a few drops of lemon to dampen the strong odor.

The honey, rich in vitamins, nourishes and moisturizes the hair and can boast many beneficial properties known since antiquity; more fragrant and easy to work with that of acacia, honey should be used as a pre-shampoo mask on damp hair, covered with foil and left on for at least half an hour and, this should be repeated every week.

Honey can be combined with vinegar or certain types of oils to enhance this natural treatment, making it even more effective but, it goes without saying that the frequency and the mode of application ill fit with the limited time one has and the hectic life one usually leads.

Taking care of one’s hair should be a time to relax and pamper oneself, and sometimes one is just not willing to play the little chemist in order to see oneself looking beautiful and tidy.

Even better known and more widespread, however, are the oils, which have been used for generations for hair care, so much so that, to encourage purchase, today, many commercial products boast their presence inside: coconut oil, argan oil, but also the more homegrown olive oil and castor oil.

Certainly multiple beneficial properties can be attributed to these oils but they do not permanently solve the problem of frizzy hair since its molecules, even when the oil is hydrolyzed (undergoes cleavage by water) remain on the cuticle, the outermost part of the hair, failing to penetrate the bark which is the middle zone of the hair shaft.

Although regular brushing accomplished with the proper tools can help, flat ironing can also prevent water molecules from penetrating the hair, helping to control volume and discipline hair length.

Last small useful expedient may also be the temperature of the water: if it is hot it is able to open the cuticles so it is essential at the beginning of the wash, while if it is cold, on the contrary, it seals the hydration, so it should be used during the rinse.

The most suitable innovative remedies for frizzy and puffy hair

Although these small tricks and age-old remedies can promote more disciplined and radiant hair, today, knowledge and new technologies allow us to achieve perfect results through treatments specifically targeted to achieve the goal of tamed and perfect hair.

Of course, we at Unity Beauty are at your disposal for a consultation in order to understand what may be the most suitable and specific innovative treatment to permanently eliminate the problem of puffy and frizzy hair.

Trust a professional and highly qualified team that enjoys years of experience and can offer the realization of the dream of hair that is always perfect and healthy through a unique and rewarding experience.

Regain your beauty and peace of mind in our Unity Beauty salon, experts in hair reconstruction through treatment aimed at reconstructing the hair fiber with keratin and hyaluronic acid or with nanoplasty, an organic smoothing treatment to improve hair structure.

The Unity Beauty salon uses lamination and bixiplasty treatment for an aesthetic result by disciplining the hair but also through restructuring keratin, warm.

The center employs the latest technique of the nano lamination, the latter is very suitable for those who have the problem of swollen curly and frizzy hair and performed in the salon can last several months: it consists of creating a protective and external film to the hair that gives the hair a mirror effect, the hair is stronger and healthier and definitely more glamorous.

Discover all the innovative paths dedicated to finding your hair finally tamed and in order, trust us with serenity and choose the most suitable treatment with the help of our experts who will assess, advise, direct and perform the most suitable care and treatment.


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