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Felps: best Brazilian products for hair always on top

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Natural extracts of the best Brazilian herbs, sky-high quality for Felps products, a guarantee of safety and satisfaction. Years of experience by our specialists have enabled us to identify and select only the best Brazilian products for hair treatment and care.

In our salon, we are proud to use Felps products to ensure that each client receives only the best the market has to offer and, above all, the security of a quality product that is safe not only for the hair but also for the environment. In addition, we are the only official distributors of felps in Italy! Here is our site.

In fact, Felps products are not tested on animals and are made only using the highest quality natural ingredients, such as Mururu, shea butter and maidenhair. All of natural origin that come directly from the warm and fertile land of Brazil.

But not only that! The Felps Professional brand is global industry leader, with more than 45 offices around the world, so the company takes advantage of various natural ingredients that come from around the globe such as: such as the Marula plant from South Africa, Macadamia nuts from Australia and argan oil from Morocco.
What’s more, its products respect the environment throughout the production chain.

The house, which mainly specializes in Brazilian keratin treatments and lamination for hair , is a guarantee recognized by all professionals, including international ones. Among the various treatment lines offered is one that boosts hair growth, to heal and repair damage from overly aggressive treatments, to lighten heavier hair and eliminate dullness, and to deeply nourish any hair type.

In short, you are spoiled for choice in finding the product that best suits your personal hair quality. The main objectives are theeffectiveness and durability of the results obtained, healthy, strong hair, rich in shine and elasticity. Each product offers a magical combination of high quality and an affordable price for every woman.


Why choose Felps Professional products?

As the company itself is keen to point out, try it to believe! Indeed, the brand’s expansion and growth over time are the proud result of the passion and care the brand employs in making each product. The satisfaction of clients from all over the world are its flagship and a security for us professionals to offer to our clients.

Indeed, they specify in their mission statement how important it is for them to offer every woman the boost she needs to regain her self-confidence through hair care.

That is why over time they have developed different and varied treatment lines so as to customize hair care as much as possible and ensure that everyone gets a quality product without having to shell out capital, but just relying on the power of nature.

In fact, their products are not only backed by a solid reputation built over time worldwide, but are:

  • Certified with 0% presence of formaldehyde and other aggressive chemical solutions
  • all of which feature a 100% organic and natural formula
  • odor-free
  • from economic consumption
  • not tested on animals
  • Thermal protectors against the damage that the use of hair dryers and straighteners can cause
  • anti-yellow

Felps professional products and treatments

Among the solutions offered, Felps in particular has 9 hair lamination formulas and 2 nanoplastic formulas.

lamination and nanoplasty are two different types of treatment that should be chosen according to the needs of your scalp. Laminating is perfect in case you have dry and damaged hair, an innovative treatment to recover damaged hair by deeply caring for it, healing its fiber and even stimulating its growth.

While nanoplastics is the perfect treatment to achieve smooth hair without further damaging it, in fact helping it in its natural regeneration.

But let’s find out about them in detail:


The treatment is able to stretch the hair and cure it at the same time. Free of harsh chemical ingredients that gradually weaken the hair fiber.

Repeated use of the wrong chemical-rich product or repeated washes based on similar products, such as traditional shampoos that are easily found on the supermarket shelf, will defragment and damage the texture of the hair, gradually ruining and even burning it.

In fact, an effective method of eliminating frizzy hair is to act by preventing its growth and choosing natural-based products. The power of this treatment is therefore threefold: it cares, smooths and protects the hair without weighing it down and keeping the risk of dullness at bay.

Basically the same effect as a keratin treatment paired with regenerative hair care. By restoring the hair’s natural health, the treatment provides an 80 percent smoothing effect, as well as the shiny, full-bodied look that only healthy hair can display.

Success on every front thanks to the use of natural active ingredients that give hair: flexibility, frizz control, shine, strength and hydration along with incredible smoothing power.


While most hair care treatments act only on the cuticle and thus the upper part of the hair, the lamination treatment for hair acts instead on the inner part of the hair. A revolutionary technique to regenerate hair from within without being forced into emergency cuts or constant hair salon appointments.

The treatment can restore up to 80 percent of the hair fiber, ensuring a protective and long-lasting effect. Precisely because of its action from within, hair lamination gives an incredible elastic and shiny appearance to the hair.

Specifically designed to heal the hair fiber from damage accumulated from past coloring, pollution and the use of harsh agents. It is able to give: intense hydration, shine, elasticity, strength and above all eliminate the terrible frizz. All through the use of amino acids, oils, collagen, natural and hair-friendly hyaluronic acids.

Felps also offers 9 different hair lamination formulas to choose from. Relying on your trusted professional will allow you to choose the most suitable and safe personalized treatment for each occurrence.
A personalized approach in line with our idea of offering each client only the best, based on what they want!

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