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Hair extensions allow you to thicken sparse hair and/or lengthen short hair.

Extensions allow you to have long, healthy hair in a short time without damaging your hair.


Step 1


Before performing an extension, counseling is essential. We will assess the condition of the hair, the desired effect and the amount needed, as well as the right hair shade; you will have a chance to experience the quality of our hair and we will make a detailed estimate.

N.B. in case you already have extensions they should be removed before doing the service; you can choose to have them removed by the person who did the previous work or we can do it directly.

Before proceeding we will check the condition of the skin, which must be healthy, and the structure of the hair, which must have some strength.


hair care

Some coloring or lightening work may be needed to make the result even. In the case of very damaged hair, we can perform a reconstruction cycle before applying the extensions.

Step 2

Hair Purchase

Once you decide to proceed you will purchase hair directly from us-we provide the highest quality and longest lasting hair that you can touch. Cost varies depending on length, color, supply; a tail (100gr) costs from 350€ .

You can later detach and reattach the same hair, so buying the tail is an investment in time. If the strands accidentally come off, they should be kept until the next application/correction.

Step 3

Application of Micro-hook Extension

The technique we use is micro-block application with keratin or a special glue; it is perfect for increasing the volume and mass of the hair, solving the problem of fine, thin, brittle hair that breaks after bleaching.

The service allows for a harmonious look without being noticeable. Micro lock means that 1 gram weight of a standard lock will be divided into 2/3 micro locks, without weighing it down and minimizing the feel.

The duration of the extensions is about 3-4 months. After that you will need to do correction (detach and reposition) the cost of application and correction is 3€ per strand.


There is much supply of extensions on the market at very low cost. Our choice, however, is to do top-level work.

It is inevitable that paying little will result in low quality hair.

Incorrect techniques with large strands can damage both hair and skin; excessive weight can lead to breakage of the shaft and inflammation of the follicle, which will cause the hair to fall out, creating small alopecias.

Unfortunately, many times by saving money we find ourselves in the most unpleasant situationwhere it will cost much more to repair.

See the photos as we do NOT work


Alternatively, there are clip-on hair extensions, which can be applied just for a haircut and easily removed when no longer needed.

It is not a long-lasting effect, but only for special occasions. They can be reused indefinitely.

The purchase cost of natural hair of the highest quality starts from 300€.

Additional Services

Remover +€20, Express Curative Treatment +€30, Ritual Curative Treatment +€50, Cut +€30, Trimmed, topknot +€20, Dark Root +€50, Extra Toning +€40, Fine or very short hair -€70, Supershine +€30

Experience acomplete beauty experience with our services of
, available during your hair appointment. Treatments such as manicures, pedicures, eyelash extensions, eyebrow definition and make-up will make you feel fresh and energized.

Free consultation

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Why choose us


We love the care of every detail, we believe that hair even if dyed can always look healthy and natural.

Every treatment or color born in Unity is perfect, profound and personalized.

Our logo is represented by petals, where each petal represents a part of the Feminine Universe: Mind, Body, Soul and Beauty.

We like to thoroughly understand every fragment of this world no matter how complex.

And every aspect of this Universe is supported by our values.

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Technicians with experience and study of multi-years. Patience in solving “impossible, difficult” cases. Specialize in colorimetry, blondes, shades and cuts.


Attention to hair care. Delicacy of treatments that preserves hair health. Customized paths


Premium segment products: Wella, Madavita, Redken, Felps Brazil Prof, Kevin Murphy


GoogleMaps rating 4.9 and Treatwell 4.8
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