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Discover the most beautiful and trendy long hair hairstyles of 2023: braids, waves, chignons…

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Are you looking for the trendiest long hair hairstyles of 2023? You are in the right place! In this article you will discover the most beautiful hairstyles for hair ranging from braids to waves and buns.

Braids have always been a versatile and fashionable hairstyle. In 2023, braids will be even more popular and different variations can be experimented with, from classic French braids to beautiful side braids. Also prominent among the trendiest braids is the herringbone braid, which is perfectly suited to both casual and dressy looks.

If you prefer a more romantic hairstyle, waves will be the perfect choice for you. Natural, soft and flowing waves will be the main trend of 2023. To create this effect, you can use a curling iron or papilots. If you prefer a rockier look, however, you can opt for more pronounced and defined waves.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more elegant hairstyle, the chignon will be the ideal solution. The chignon, or crop, is one of the most versatile and elegant hairstyles there is. In 2023, messy chignons will be very popular for a more casual yet sophisticated look. Alternatively, you can opt for a higher, neater chignon, ideal for a formal look.

Finally, if you want a long hair hairstyle that makes you feel on top, you can’t fail to try the high ponytail. This simple and versatile hairstyle is perfect for any occasion, from work to social life. In 2023, the high ponytail will be even more on trend, and you can indulge in different variations, such as the ponytail with a side parting or the ponytail with a braided lock.

In 2023 you will be spoiled for choice in terms of the hairstyles for long hair, but if you’re uncertain about what hairstyle might be right for you, we recommend relying on some experienced professionals who will be able to advise and guide you In the best choice for your look.

Braids spring 2023: the most beautiful hairstyles long and short hair

Braids for spring 2023 are one of the most interesting and surprising trend elements. Compared to previous years, in fact, braids are not just a simple and light hairstyle, but real works of art. These weaves not only enhance the beauty of the hair, but also create a three-dimensional effect that frames the face in a unique and original way.

Trends for braids for spring 2023 present a new vision of long and short hair hairstyles. This trend allows the hair to move away from the face and create a sculptural effect that gives depth to the hairstyle.

Spring braids are structured in an articulated pattern that replaces the fringe and topknots, and can be decorated with flowers and other accessories for a fresh, fun look. Hairstyles with braids for spring 2023 also look back to childhood, with the return of braided pigtails.

For long hair, however, braids become bolder and edgier. Streetstyle trends propose metallic accessories and tubular weaves, while octopus effects create a light and dynamic texture, with lengths that turn into micro-braids. In any case, the braid trends for spring 2023 offer multiple options for exploring different styles and personalities.

Here are some of them:


Waves hairstyles long and short hair: secrets for a wavy and dynamic look

For 2023, waves on the hair are a popular choice, but there are many options available to achieve them. They can be worn tight like curly hair, or create a wave similar to that of the sea, called a beach wave, or give volume to straight hair or create cold or hot waves. In any case, spring suggests that the wavy look will be trendy.

Waves on the hair are a very versatile choice that can give volume, movement and dynamism to the hair without distorting it. In addition, wavy hair allows you to change hairstyles without having to cut everything off.

To make perfect waves at home, the method depends on the type of hair, the type of wave desired and the length of the hair. For each type of wave, there is a specific styling.

To make waves with the help of a flat iron or curling iron, you need to comb your hair and divide it into two equal parts. A heat protectant spray can be used to protect the hair from heat. Next, you take a strand of hair, roll it around the flat iron or iron, and move the device outward or inward to create the desired wave.

To create a sea-like wave, called a beach wave, you can use a sea salt spray on damp hair.

If you want wider, softer waves, you can use old grandma’s curlers. You can roll the wet locks to the curlers and dry them with a hot air diffuser, or roll the dry locks and cover the head with a scarf.

Another method of creating perfect waves on the hair is the use of braids. Several braids of different sizes can be made, closing them as much as possible toward the final tip. Boxer braids are ideal for creating waves from the top of the head, while ordinary braids can be used from the nape of the neck.

1-Waves-hairstyles-long-and-short hair
4-Waves-haircuts-long-and-short hair
2-Waves-hairstyles-long-and-short hair
3-Waves-haircuts-long-and-short hair

Chignon hair 2023: mat and pulled in ballerina style

The chignon, aclassic and elegant long hair hairstyle, is set to become a big trend for 2023. In particular, the matte, ballerina-style pulled version is already conquering the catwalks and stars around the world.

This type of chignon is a hairstyle that requires great attention to detail. The hair should be smooth and without any kind of kink to create a perfectly pulled effect. Once the hair has been brushed and combed, it is pulled into a high ponytail.

At this point, the topknot is wrapped around the base of the ponytail, creating a helix that is secured with the help of bobby pins and hairspray. The lower part of the hair is then folded upward and secured at the base of the bun with the help of additional bobby pins and hairspray.

The end result is a matte, pulled chignon that looks flawless and sophisticated. This hairstyle is perfect for formal occasions, such as weddings and ceremonies, but can also be worn in everyday life for a chic, minimalist look.

In addition, the matte and pulled ballerina-style bun is easy to make and requires only a few tools and hair care products. With the right attention and practice, this hairstyle can become a real must-have for 2023.


Hair styling trends from the Milan Fashion Week 2023 shows

Milan Fashion Week 2023 was an opportunity to present new fashion trends, but not only. Hair styles have also played an important role, and the catwalks have been a great source of inspiration for everyone looking for a fashionable look.

From soft braids to natural waves and elegant chignons, the hairstyles offered satisfied every taste and style. Now, let’s take a look at the hair hairstyles trends that trended during Milan Fashion Week 2023 to help you find the right inspiration for your look.

Low ponytail with bow, Max Mara long hair hairstyles
Low ponytail with bow, Max Mara long hair hairstyles
Backcombed hair, Sportmax-long hair styles
Backcombed hair, Sportmax-long hair styles
Wet effect, Andreadamo-long hair styles
Wet effect, Andreadamo-long hair styles
Long fringe, MSGM long hair hairstyles
Long fringe, MSGM long hair hairstyles
Bowl cut, MSGM-long hair style
Bowl cut, MSGM-long hair style
Helmet, Elizabeth Franks-long hair style
Helmet, Elizabeth Franks-long hair style
Hairstyle with gel, Giorgio Armani-long hair style
Hairstyle with gel, Giorgio Armani-long hair style
Flat waves, Aniye Records-long hair styles
Flat waves, Aniye Records-long hair styles
Bobsled with bangs, Aniye Records-long hair styles
Bobsled with bangs, Aniye Records-long hair styles
Line on the side with gel, Luisa Spagnoli
Line on the side with gel, Luisa Spagnoli

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