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Discover ammonia-free hair dye for natural coloring without burning the hair

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Today there is an increasing demand for ammonia-free hair dye. This is partly a trend derived from a concern for the environment and partly also derived from specific skin needs. So many clients in fact highlight a real allergy to dyes with ammonia. In all these cases, where there is on the one hand a request for a dye job and on the other hand a request to use an ammonia-free dye, we at Unity Beauty have the ideal solution for your hair.

Let’s find out together the characteristics of dyes with and without ammonia, what are the benefits and what are the disadvantages of using ammonia-free dyes.

Dyes with ammonia

First, a myth should be dispelled: ammonia is a naturally occurring substance. Like all naturally occurring substances, they can have a positive or negative impact on human health. In the case of dyes with ammonia, the concentrations of the substance are always highly controlled according to European regulations, and therefore the level never exceeds the limits allowed by law.

In this way, all commercially available dyes are highly safe and not harmful to human health or the environment.

Ammonia-based dyes have one major advantage: they allow for even and highly opaque coloring, with full coverage of white hair. Thanks to ammonia dyeing, it is possible to radically change one’s hair color and also to achieve the perfect blond.

However, one of the first weaknesses to highlight in ammonia dyes is the smell. In fact, these dyes are characterized by a very strong and pungent odor that is often poorly tolerated. In most cases the dyes are enriched with very pleasant fragrances that, however, fail to completely cover the lingering odor of ammonia.

The major disadvantage of ammonia dyes are the risks of allergic reaction that they can cause.

You can recognize the presence of ammonia in a dye by reading the INCI (i.e., the list of ingredients in cosmetics). The product contains ammonia if Ammonium Hydroxide (scientific name for ammonia) is present within the INCI.


To avoid or minimize the risks of using dyes with ammonia, it is also important to know the name of other possible ingredients that can cause allergic reactions.

Allergic reactions can be of different types:
contact reaction: are caused by direct and/or accidental contact with dye containing ammonia or other allergenic substances (e.g., a drop of dye grazes the face, arm, or scalp skin); in this case, the damage caused to the skin may be a reaction characterized by burning, swelling, redness, discomfort, and an itching sensation.
Extensive reaction: these reactions originate from a certain area of the body and later extend to nearby areas, for example, an allergy that originates from the scalp skin may extend to the eyes, face, neck, and chest;
systemic reaction: these are the most dangerous as they manifest with symptoms such as difficulty breathing and even anaphylactic shock.

If you already know that you have any of these possible risks from some of the ingredients in dyes, categorically avoid dyes with ammonia.

We at Unity Beauty care about your health and the beauty of your hair, which is why in our salons you can also find ammonia-free dyes, chosen from brands that offer the best value for money. Let’s find out together the characteristics of ammonia-free dyes, what the benefits and disadvantages are, and then the differences with dyes with ammonia.

Ammonia-free hair dyes: benefits and disadvantages

Ammonia-free hair dyes are an extremely gentle product, specifically formulated to give your hair a soft color without running any risk of allergic reactions.
Foremost among the benefits of ammonia-free dyes is the total absence of strong, unpleasant odors.

In fact, in this case, the contained fragrance is able to emerge, thus avoiding the unpleasant permanence of the strong ammonia odor.
Ammonia-free dyes, since they are much gentler than classic dyes, are especially good for burned, brittle, thin and damaged hair, for example, due to intensive use of straighteners and harsh chemical treatments.

Ammonia-free dyes are also suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and are also ideal for those in the indecision on color to do, they are ideal for those doing their first ever dye job and for teenagers and younger people who want to revamp their look without overly distorting it.

Ammonia-free dyes mainly allow for moderate coloring, perfect for those who have no special requirements for white coverage or for those who want a simple coloring that can brighten the dull highlights of their natural color.

However, there are also significant disadvantages to using ammonia-free dyes. First of all, these dyes cannot totally cover white hair and do not allow for the perfect blond. So those who have hair with a lot of gray hair or those who want a dreamy platinum blond or other intense coloring already know that they will not be able to have optimal results with ammonia-free dyes.

Ammonia-free dyes therefore do not allow for major upheavals in the look, in fact they are only used to make semi-permanent dyes that can give a delicate color with a very natural effect. For example, if your dream is to have a blonde shade by means of the technique of airtouch, babylight, shatush, etc., you already know that it will be impossible to achieve it with ammonia-free dyes.

If you are thinking of doing a dye job for your hair and want to indulge in ammonia-free coloring, we professionals at Unity Beauty have the right solution for your hair.

Discover the treatments we offer in our salon book your appointment to receive a free consultation, we will offer all our professionalism to choose together the most suitable coloring for your needs. To see the results achieved with our clients, we invite you to visit our Instagram page, which is always updated with photos and the latest news about the treatments offered.

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