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Deep hair reconstruction with cryotherapy treatments: discover your hair’s new life

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Among the most effective solutions for damaged or simply overly frizzy, unsilky, or visibly stressed versatile hair are cryo treatments. The name already tells us one thing: the strength of these treatments is cold!

The latter can make a positive difference and enable us professionals in the field to offer an effective and truly unique treatment. Let’s go and find out exactly what it is.

The cold that heals the hair fiber

Cold therapy has long been known for its effectiveness in body remodeling, and it has recently been found to be great for hair as well. It is not easy to think that cold can even prove useful in treating the capillary structure, but thanks to a lot of research and the constant evolution of our field, this solution has also become a reality. Obviously, there are different methods of acting, and in the case of hair, cryoplatform treatments have been developed.

Cryotherapy has an anti-aging effect for the skin, as it is able to stimulate circulation and promotes toxin disposal, and it also has similar power toward the hair fiber. Indeed, cold therapy for hair allows it to act against the deterioration of the hair itself and make it visibly healthier, smoother and silkier.

How cryoprobe treatments work

These innovative treatments involve the application of special products and the use of a specific straightener. This combination of elements makes it possible to treat the hair in an excellent way: its scales close and the whole hair changes its appearance. The hair becomes brighter and definitely healthier. Thanks to the products used, the hair is hardened and strengthened.

Cryoprobe treatments are performed at a maximum temperature of -15°. This temperature is able to help the hair incorporate the reconstructive substances contained in the products used, including keratin. The cold does not dehydrate the hair as it does when using tools that operate at high temperatures.

When “cryotherapy” is used on hair

As anticipated, cold therapy makes it possible to strengthen and toughen the hair, to make it healthier, beautiful, soft and shiny. This is precisely why it is used when it is necessary to rebuild and make the hair more full-bodied and strong, as well as visibly improve its structure. It therefore proves very useful after bleaching, perming, or following another type of stressful hair treatment. It can also be used when you need to:

  • Increase the duration of the crease,
  • Achieve optimal smoothing after treatment,
  • Make hair brighter and softer after coloring.

In addition to all this, it is useful to know another potential of cryotherapy, which can turn into an additional benefit for hair. It has been found that, whatever the situation, cryoprobe treatments are also able to markedly speed up drying time. They are suitable for all hair types and guarantee excellent results every time.


Cryotherapy treatments: the procedure implemented in the salon

These treatments are performed in a very simple way. The first thing to do is shampoo, preferring a product specific to the needs and type of hair to be treated. Subsequently, a second shampoo should be performed.

It will be possible to use a different product than the first one, perhaps specific to reconstruction and keratin-based. After rinsing, excess water should be removed and hair should be gently towel-dabbed.

Next, it will be necessary to divide the hair into strands and apply the product to them to perform the cryo treatments. The product will be applied from root to tip with the help of a brush and should be massaged in thoroughly, strand by strand.

The next step will involve the use of the low-temperature plate. The device will be used several times on each individual strand. At the end of the treatment, the hair can be rinsed out and then styled.

Where are these treatments performed?

As you might imagine, this is a complex procedure that requires certain dexterity and the use of specific products and tools. This is precisely why it is always a good idea to rely on the professionals in the field, that is, beauty salons that perform cryoprobe treatments.

Not all hairdressers offer this type of treatment. Therefore, it will be essential to inquire and do some research until you find one that can provide the service in question.

Cryotherapy treatments at Unity Beauty

We are passionate about hair care in our salon and strive every day to provide our clients with a personalized experience. We have selected the best products on the market and offer professional and high-quality treatments with them.

One of the most popular is precisely that with cryoplane, which allows each client to leave our salon with more beautiful, brighter and healthier hair. Through these treatments we ensure deep reconstruction of the hair and visible improvement of the hair structure.

Our treatments are ideal for chemical-stressed hair, as they can restructure the hair fiber in minutes, but also for healthy hair. In the latter case, they can strengthen them, make them more beautiful, revive them and keep the color longer.

Whatever the condition of the hair fiber, thanks to cryo treatments you can flaunt more beautiful, brighter and softer hair. Book online or directly in our salon for a treatment specific to your needs and a haircut.

On the page dedicated to treatments offered by Unity Beauty you can view prices and service details. Customizable packages are also available, which we can offer you after a tailored consultation. Please feel free to contact us to get more information about cryoprobe treatments and our other services.

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