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Curtain fringe: find out who it looks good on and how to wear it

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From time to time you feel like wearing bangs, even though you know that your hair type is not exactly ideal because it is prone to frizz.

The curtain fringe is one of the big must-haves of this new season, and if you wish to opt for a cut that includes it, it is advisable to consult an experienced hairdresser who knows how to adapt it to your face and direct you to the most suitable products to keep it healthy and tidy.

At Unity Beauty, we believe that if a hair is vigorous and healthy, it is thanks not only to the hair structure, but also to the right care and treatments that, day after day, are reserved for the hair.
Specific shampoos, oils and masks are among the must-have accessories in a woman’s beauty case and, in the case of curtain bangs, must be accompanied by a frequent visit to the hairdresser for maintenance, hair dryer and professional comb.

The curtain fringe: what it looks like and who it suits

Curtain fringe is, usually, understood in two variations.

The first, also called curtain bangs , which gives a somewhat retro look, is not overdone and looks good on virtually everyone.
The effect is very chic and elegant.

The distinguishing features of this type of curtain fringe are its softness and the possibility of wearing it more toward the forehead, gently but not completely covering it, or toward the ears, depending on the outfit and the more or less recent hair washing.

Another type of curtain fringe, on the other hand, is more pronounced and can have a line in the center, or on the side, frames more regular faces and can be symmetrical or asymmetrical.
In this case, it is an element of the haircut that is most suitable for straight, full-bodied hair that has a fairly coarse texture and that, properly disciplined with wax or spray hairspray, maintains a well-defined geometric pattern throughout the day.

Dentelé bangs, as they are called in French, on the other hand, are softer and well suited to all hair types, from brittle and thin to curly and difficult to discipline.
This detail gives the cut breath and volume, softens the facial features gently and is an effective variant in many haircuts, with the advantage of making the person look younger.

Curtain bangs are not recommended if you have oily hair, or hair that sags immediately after washing.
The effect of sticking bangs toyour forehead is likely to fail to do you justice , and instead, you might find more benefit with a scaled-back cut with a parting in the middle, or opt directly for a bob or an ultra-short version.


The characteristics of the curtain fringe

To achieve the most subtle effect curtain bangs should aim for an open effect, giving movement and airiness to all types of cuts.
This type of fringe is ideal for both straight and wavy hair, and even to curly hair, properly disciplined with the right products.

The toothy fringe’s scaly styling and its length, which sometimes reaches the cheekbones, are perfect for those who prefer a short cut, but also for those who would never give up long, flowing hair.
In the latter case, the curtain fringe aims to dampen the continuity of hair length, giving the hair more volume and movement.

In addition, the defined and full texture of these bangs, scaled gently along the length, is really trendy and suitable for very fine hair that needs additional volume.
The shape of this fringe can be more or less structured, and what stands out is the gap in the center, which leaves the forehead partially free.

On trend are side lengths that, with a scaled effect artfully executed by the hair stylist, reach the cheekbones.
Other versions of the curtain fringe might be shorter and less scaled, and these variations are chosen according to the hair type, the client’s desires, and the effect to be achieved.

It is possible, in fact, to aim for a fuller result, to give more volume to a very scaled short or medium cut.
If designed strategically, the curtain fringe, in a few weeks, can also be moved to the side and become a side topknot, giving the face mysterious charm and a 1970s look.

This is a smart and strategic way to change style whenever you want, without having to go to the hairdresser in a very short time.
The positive side of the serrated fringe is precisely its versatility, both because it suits different hair types, from straight to curly, and because it is ideal for long, medium and short cuts.

Depending on the shape of the face, this fringe is used to smooth out any imperfections, such as a forehead that is too wide or, on the contrary, excessively low, with delicacy and fresh, somewhat retro-looking style.

Which faces are most suitable for curtain bangs

Given its structure, the curtain fringe is ideal for any type of face, whether oval, square or with a narrower forehead and pronounced jaws.

In fact, thanks to its size and scaling, the serrated fringe can rebalance the overall harmony of the face and is also perfect for those with rounded features, as the styling, which develops vertically, helps to redistribute the proportions of the face more evenly.

If you have a face with chubby cheeks and wish to tone down the effect, you can help yourself with a curtain fringe, which will fade your upper image without invasive intervention.
Similarly, with angular, hard features, a scaled, soft fringe aims to soften the face, giving a sense of harmony and balance.

That’s why the notched fringe is a must-have that, declined by hair stylists in different versions, is always a trump card for every cut, in all seasons of the year and regardless of hair texture.

We at Unity Beauty recommend, for the care of your hair, a regular visit to the hairdresser, the use of products specific to your hair structure, and boundless love for your beauty routine.

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