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Cool-ice-blond hair: find out who it looks good on and the best techniques for getting it

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All over social media, it is increasingly easy to see how even the most well-known personalities are returning to coloring their locks in the striking ice-cold blond. It is a particularly blond and light coloration that is reminiscent in its reflections precisely of ice.

This very charming and cool shade approaches white with touches of gray undertones at the tips and in various strands. A coloration that is rare to find in nature but is considered very trendy and cool.

We at Unity Beauty know how to treat the hair of those who want to achieve this special shade. In addition to bleaching the entire hair, you can work focusing on a few strands by adopting various techniques such as balayage or shatush. In addition, it is possible to intervene on the hair by strong lightening and toning it with shades that allow for a particularly light blond.

We at Unity Beauty recommend cold-ice blonde: a successful shade

If you also want to get this particular shade on your hair, you can book a free appointment, consultation or video consultation.

You will have the opportunity to get a professional treatment that will give you a bold look and innovative color (in high demand among women). Our professional and qualified team of hairdressers will make sure, before performing the treatment, that your hair is healthy and can receive this transformation. Only in this way will you be sure to get the right shade.

In addition, we will give you valuable tips on how to manage and maintain your newly colored hair at home. In fact, you should use specific products that will extend the duration of the treatment and leave your hair healthy and beautiful.

Who looks good in ice-cold blond?

According to the world ‘s leading experts in the field, this shade is especially suitable for those with a light olive skin color. In fact, the cool tone of this specific blond ties in exceptionally well with the undertones, which are also cool, of this complexion.

In addition, this coloring helps to emphasize the face by brightening it and giving more prominence to natural tones. In terms of hair length, cool-ice blonde goes particularly well with both medium and short cuts.

We at Unity Beauty suggest you also match some movement to the cut through scaling or an undercut.


What techniques to use to achieve ice-cold blonde

It seems obvious to point this out, but relying on professionals in the field, such as us at Unity Beauty, is one of the key choices when you decide to radically transform your hair color and look, as in the case of cold-ice blonde.

Many people question whether it is necessary to use toning. We assume that oxygenation can cause color effects to the hair. Main consequence of subsequent washes is the appearance of brass-colored highlights. Without the use of toning agent, however, this unpleasant yellow glare effect could appear right away.

To avoid this, the toning step is of paramount importance. But how does this technique take place? At the headwash, a pigment is applied that prevents the appearance of yellow highlights and will allow the desired result to be achieved.

It must be emphasized that you must always find the toning agent with the correct gradation, and much also depends on the base you have and the result you want to achieve.

Many products on the market, from the best brands, are introducing new ways of lightening in which the bleaching agent alone succeeds in preventing the appearance of yellowish highlights. In this case toning will not be necessary. But at Unity Beauty we want to do the job the best way we can, and the package of ice blonde with the airtouch or babylight technique already includes the toner.

We at Unity Beauty have extensive knowledge about colorimetry, a science that deals with the origins of colors and how they should be mixed and matched perfectly. This allows us to be able to achieve correct shades and adapt them to the complexion type of each of our clients.

The importance of care and treatment at home

We at Unity Beauty care deeply about maintaining the beauty and health of our clients’ hair, even long after treatment.

This is precisely why we give our clients valuable suggestions on how to keep such a distinctive shade, such as ice-cold blond, alive even after treatment at our center in Milan.

First, it should be noted that starting from a base with blond hair will make it easier to care for and maintain this shade. From a darker base, however, more attention will need to be paid to treatments and weekly hair care.

In a general way, the steps that need to be taken so that cold-ice blond always remains in perfect condition are: Avoid too frequent hair washes, as both contact with water and unsuitable products could go to affect the intensity of the color; Avoid brushing while the hair is still wet or damp; use specific products, without, however, overusing it; Limit the use of tools such as straighteners, hair dryers, curling irons and so on that can go on to dull shine and tone and damage hair (in any case, we always recommend using quality equipment that is less aggressive on the hair fiber).

In addition to these daily expedients, it is also possible to put into practice much more specific methods and techniques that help keep this shade of color alive, longer.

There are mainly two steps you can follow: the first is to resort to using a specific shampoo to combat the appearance of yellow.

This procedure should be performed at least once during the week. Choose products that guarantee an effective result in maintaining cool-ice blond; second step is applying an anti-yellow mask to the hair.

This, applied for several minutes on the hair, allows the hair to be left especially soft (a result that can be assimilated to the passage of a good conditioner) and enhances its radiance, which will be amazing.

In case the starting base is a dark-colored hair, and not blond, you can also act by applying a mask with both nourishing and moisturizing effect. This step should also be done once a week, leaving the product to work for several times.


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