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Cold and hot method hair lamination, repairing and smoothing treatment in Milan center

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The lamination treatment has a restorative effect taken care of to the smallest detail. With such premises, even the most unruly and damaged hair can find new life. The work is also suitable for damaged hair that is dull. After this procedure, the hairstyle looks healthier, shinier and more elastic. There are three methods of hair lamination: 1 classic or hot 2 cold lamination restructuring effect 3 express lamination.

Express lamination is used to create a protective layer that smooths cuticles and eliminates static electricity. The treatment lasts 6-8 washes. After undergoing multiple treatments, the positive effects will be immediately visible as the cold lamination goes into the hair. In this way, results are not slow in coming and are quite long-lasting.

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Already from the first treatment carried out, it is possible to realize some small benefits. The hair turns out to be much easier to comb, as well as pleasant to the touch. Gradually, the crease begins to hold with greater ease, even in too much rain, humidity or wind. At the same time, hair does not tend to wrinkle very quickly.

Going into details, the lamination treatment at Unity Beauty center turns out to be particularly suitable for almost all hair types. Such a system also provides protection toward ultraviolet radiation, not to mention various types of external agents such as cold and wind.

Such a cared-for texture serves to restore the structure of each damaged hair even after perms and bleaching. At the same time, certain products do not contain any traces of formaldehyde in them, a substance that can be quite dangerous on specific occasions.

In this way, hair lamination is completely safe, with the oils being able to nourish the hair in the greatest depth. The treatment gives a much more beautiful and natural look to the hair. Already after the first treatment, you can realize with your own eyes the difference made by a product that has been cared for down to the smallest detail.

How lamination works

Lamination exerts a very simple but effective action. Protein in its liquid state drips directly onto the hair, going to fill every void in every single part of the hair. Through the decrease in temperature, the keratin changes from liquid to solid, causing a very natural shine. At the same time, such a care solution manages to give softness to the hair.

With keratin treatment, no chemicals are applied to the hair, unlike other treatments such as chemical straightening. At the end of the treatment, it will be sufficient to dry the hair with a classic hair dryer. Within minutes, the hairstyle after hot and cold lamination can look very smooth and shiny as a result of an absolutely outstanding revitalizing effect.

After taking care of your hair with lamination, all that is left to do is to follow a set of well-defined tips to keep it looking its best at all times. You can also wash your hair immediately after the treatment. As for dyeing, you need to wait about 7-14 days after completing the procedure. Therefore, it is advisable to shampoo with sulfate-free products immediately after the end of the keratin treatment.

The main treatments of hair lamination

The goal of performing a hot straightening and smoothing method treatment at the lamination is to eliminate electricity and smooth cuticles. For those with curly hair, the hair can thus be transformed into an elastic and obedient smoothness.

Brazilian products are themselves very effective. However, due to the presence of a substance, formaldehyde, the effect of keratin goes away as soon as it comes in contact with straighteners and hair dryers. Such a situation occurs as a result of evaporation, which goes to the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and risks depositing them directly inside the lungs.

The benefits of Brazilian keratin coincide with a noticeable simplification of hair styling. The latter become easier to iron, with curls becoming smooth and obedient without any difficulty and gaining an uncommon shine. In bad weather, hair always turns out smooth and shiny. Keratin defends hair from cold, wind, sun and other types of weather conditions. This treatment is, therefore, suitable for many hair types.

At the same time, as foretold earlier, there is no shortage of negative effects. In fact, formaldehyde has a negative effect on human health. If too much concentration is applied, the hair feels very heavy and for this reason tends to fall out. In addition, doing hot lamination treatment is prohibited for certain categories of people, such as those who are struggling with cancer, are pregnant, have asthma, are allergic and other types of individuals. This method does not go For more information and a free consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us! Unity Beauty will be able to advise you on the best treatments for your hair.

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