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Bridal hairstyling: hairstyling services in Milan

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Are you looking for the perfectwedding hairstyle for you?

One’s wedding day is really important and exciting and sometimes challenging to organize. Preparations usually begin many months in advance, and you need to rely on several professionals to be able to keep everything under control. After thinking about guests, decorations, restaurant, and everything else you need, it comes time to think about your image.

A bride will have to think about her dress, accessories, and hair and makeup. Since it is such an important day, it is possible that you may have to rehearse several times before finding the right style. Bridal hairstyles play an essential role; they need to be fixed in the right way to last the whole day, and above all, we must like it.

We at Unity Beauty offer various solutions to any bride who wants to feel beautiful and confident on her most important day, we recommend doing color or lightening a week before the wedding day for perfect hair!

Don’t miss the opportunity to find out how our hair styling service can transform your look.

For more information contact us and let our specialists advise you.

Which wedding hairstyle to choose

Our store in downtown Milan provides cut, color and blow-dry for every woman who wants to feel like the best version of herself. We offer different types of folds, from smooth to wavy, and gathered or semi-collected hairstyles, depending on preference.

Based on the face, features and hair type, we can recommend thebest solution for each woman. In fact, not all the hairstyles we see look good on everyone; some people have finer hair and some have curly or very voluminous hair, so the final effect might be different.

To avoid this, it is possible to do various trials and consultations to succeed in arriving at the desired result.

Bridal hairstyle: The new trends

When looking for the perfect hairstyle for our wedding, we can’t avoid inquiring about new bridal trends. These either help us find a new idea or confirm what we already desire.

New products for next year include the romantic semi-wrap, perfect for any season and for medium-length hair. A hairstyle done with this effect will look very natural, perfect for a fairytale wedding. However, the hair can also be left loose, in this case it will be super groomed, again for a very simple and natural look. Braids will play an instrumental role in creating a very casual yet elegant look.

You can really create a lot of hairstyles with braids: herringbone, French style, you can close them to form a bun, keep them softer or very firm. Depending on the type of braid we choose will change the final effect. Short bridal hair will also be in fashion for a bubbly, jaunty look, kept straight or slightly wavy.

Curly hair will also play its part, however, for a very boho-chic look. In general, there is a tendency to go for very spontaneous and simple looks, with soft but well-elaborated hairstyles, especially semi-bonded.


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