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Bridal hairstyles: what are the latest trends and tendencies among VIPs?

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The wedding day undoubtedly represents one of every woman’s most important days, the crowning achievement of a solid and lasting love in a ceremony with attention to detail and perfect to make the event unforgettable.

Everything is always meticulously attended to and studied without leaving anything out. Among all these preparations, a place of honor deserves the hairstyle that the bride decides to do on her wedding day.

A true protagonist of the ceremony, it is important for women to appear happy and sunny, and a good cut with proper styling represent two key allies in every bride’s imagination. We at Unity Beauty recommend doing a dye job and the next day hairstyle so you look perfect for your special day.

Trends in hairstyles that can be tried on the wedding day are often subject to change over time, each year in fact all brides focus on different trends.

Between lovers of close-cropped hair and those who prefer to leave it loose, today the latest fashion trends are all over the covers.

To achieve them, one must obviously rely on experts in the field, who know perfectly well how to create crazy looks for every woman.

For this you can contact Unity Beauty, to book an appointment in our salons, in order to secure the perfect bridal hairstyle.

So in this article, let’s see together which hairstyles are most in vogue at VIP weddings and which one to choose to fully meet each bride’s individual needs on the most important and romantic day ever.

What are the latest trends for bridal hairstyles.

We have already said it, all brides on one of the most important days ever want to look flawless and therefore pay great attention to the hairstyle to be done during their wedding .

But fashion is known to change very quickly, and trying to stay up-to-date with the latest trends can sometimes seem very difficult.

In recent months, new hair trends have been going crazy everywhere for VIPs who have gone to the wedding, among different styles and colors, the latest trends will please the needs of any bride who wants it.

When you want to choose what kind of hairstyle to make to best bring out your features, you have to take into consideration some very important aspects.

In particular, on the wedding day, the cut of the dress should not be underestimated, which may or may not suggest gathered or loose hairstyles, we must also take into account the shape of the face, whether it is round or elongated.

The choice of decorations that can be placed on one’s hair also requires special attention.


The classic gathered look and the chignon.

One of the classic hairstyles, a great cult favorite that always manages to make an impression and never goes out of fashion, is the crop hair. It represents the perfect combination of tradition and elegance, class and sophistication. There are several styles you can achieve if you decide to opt for such a look.

Perfect for both the veil and the veil, the gathered hairstyle is also especially convenient for all brides who do not want to spend their wedding day constantly fixing their hair.

Among these styles, the most popular and popular among influencers and VIPs around the world is definitely the chignon.

A simple, uncluttered but elegant hairstyle.

There are several, ranging from the more pulled and tidy, vintage but to a certain effect, to the so-called disheveled bun that instead lets a few strands slide down the sides and is softer and less demanding.

A guarantee for any bride who loves her hair arranged and gathered. There is also a version of the braided chignon, to add another touch of class to this never-out-of-fashion hairstyle.

The ponytail and loose hair.

Among the very latest fashion trends as far as bridal hairstyles are concerned, an honorable mention definitely deserves the now-famous ponytail.

This is a ponytail, perfect for brides with long hair who wish to leave it more or less free and loose during the wedding ceremony.

This particular hairstyle looks romantic, chic but at the same time has that extra touch of sensuality that definitely doesn’t hurt. Again, this can be done in different ways, tying the hair with particular items or with a lock itself for a more natural and less demanding look. Especially ideal with a dress that leaves the back exposed.

For lovers of loose hairstyles there are also the now-famous beach waves, that is, waves made with a very natural effect. This is an increasingly popular hairstyle among all celebrities around the world.

Again, this is perfect for those who wish not to gather their hair. In addition, with this particular look, it is also possible to have fun and vary with color shading and balayage, which is a technique that allows for a natural-effect lightening along the entire length of the hair, so as to give it class and volume.

Hairstyles with decorations and accessories.

Also deserving a separate mention are all the hairstyles made with specific accessories and decorations, perfect both for those who want a gathered look and for those who prefer something loose. Indeed, it is possible to adorn one’s hair with fresh flowers or other natural elements, a truly classy, refined and extremely elegant touch.

There are those who prefer to opt for jewelry and tiaras instead, to add sparkle and embellish their image, or those who still prefer feathers and gaudy clips. The alternatives are almost endless, and again the choices will succeed in fully satisfying all needs.

As we have seen up to this point, there are really several hairstyles that can be done for a bride during her wedding day if you need more ideas click here.

Whether one decides on a more natural and less flashy look, or opts for a more challenging hairstyle with special squiggles, any bride will be able to see the perfect hairstyle she has always dreamed of and desired for her most important day realized.

All that remains, therefore, is to choose the perfect style that best suits the occasion and your ceremony and rely on professionals who will know how to make any of your wishes come true.


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