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Balayage: the best technique to achieve natural shades from cool blond to caramel brown

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Among the most popular trends of the moment for women on the topic of hair, we find balayage. It is a hair-lightening mode that can fit on any color, as long as it is not too dark, and any face. Balayage could become your new ally in achieving the perfect blond you’ve always dreamed of.

What is balayage: the lightening technique much loved by celebrities

The balayage technique is not one-size-fits-all: every woman has her ideal color, consequently, you too can have the perfect custom-created blond. At Unity Beauty, we guarantee optimal service based on your hair’s natural color and texture to bring to life the most natural result possible.

In addition, the perfect shade will also be based on your complexion. It will then change, based on these elements and your preferences, the hue placement technique and gradation to highlight more or less of the highlights.

You can choose between a balayage in cool blond tones, or a warmer effect, such as caramel. The shade of blond will be based on your natural hair color; for example, if you start from a brown base, the ideal balayage is one in dark blond tones, so as not to create too obvious a lightening gap.

If, on the other hand, you want to brighten your blond hair even more, then the ideal shade of the shades will be a cool blond. Caramel shades, on the other hand, are ideal on an ash-blond base: the result will be hair gently illuminated by warm highlights, just as if you had come home from a summer vacation.

Curly hair and balayage: yes or no?

Of course! Unlike other lightening techniques, balayage is more “healthy” for the hair. Since it gives rise to a very natural effect, there will be less processing to keep the color intact. As a result, the hair will also be treated much less. Unity Beauty and its team of experienced and trained colorists will make sure your hair stays healthy and well cared for.

You will no longer be afraid to rely on a hairdresser who might ruin your hair, damage it or weaken it due to ineffective treatment. Hair is everything to a woman-just see that every change in life is reflected in it. You deserve the perfect, natural blond too; at Unity Beauty it will no longer be an impossible dream to achieve.

But does balayage look good only on straight or wavy hair?

Absolutely not, a curly hair can become very sensual and charming with balayage. Clearly, you need to rely on the right colorist so that you do not risk your hair burning or losing its texture due to bleaching, as curls are a very delicate hair type.

At Unity Beauty, we are experts on lightening all hair, because every woman deserves the perfect blonde. Curly hair will finally be able to show off their brightened hair without fear of weakening it or having to resort to frequent maintenance treatments. Again, the right shade will depend on your complexion and the base from which you start.

It is important, especially in this case, to choose the most consonant shades that give a harmonious and delicate result, to avoid getting a ”fake blond” effect. You can read more about how to practice the balayage technique on curly hair by clicking here.


Differences between balayage and other natural lightening techniques

Balayage, degradé, shatush, airtouch: there are different hair-lightening techniques. Previously, highlights were referred to as ”highlights,” but with the invention of new techniques this area has also advanced.

But what are the differences and what to know before choosing the right technique for you?
Let’s start with balayage, which, as explained earlier, gives a very natural effect because it respects the base color of the hair and does not create a very noticeable gap.

Bleaching is done freehand with a brush, but also using the hands, and the strands to be lightened are chosen gradually during the process. The result will be personalized; in fact, not on all women will the color be applied in the same way. That will depend on the more or less obvious effect you want to achieve.

Degrade is chosen by those who want a natural effect, but the technique is performed differently than balayage. First, it is necessary to use maps and a long-tail comb, which must be positioned in a specific way to give rise to an optimal result.

In addition, when the treatment is finished, there will be 3 different shades on the hair. This is done to highlight the different shades more, and brighten the hair more. You can read more about the differences between balayage and degradé by clicking here.

Shatush is done in a different way, namely by backcombing the hair. In this case you will need to be more careful in your choice, as this is a technique preferable on finer hair. This is because shatush, by exhausting the hair, gives it more volume, so it would not be ideal on those who already have thick hair.

The result you will get will be, again, very natural, as very fine locks are colored to create the right shades. In any case, experienced hairdressers and coloristsshould be consulted to avoid any damage to the hair.

Unity Beauty ‘s staff is extensively trained in all the current trends but also in older bleaching techniques, such as shatush. Click here to find out more about us.

Finally, there is theairtouch technique: this natural lightening method involves bleaching very fine strands by mussing them with hot air escaping from a hair dryer, from which it also gets its name. It is, therefore, a technique that yields an incredible result but the process is totally different from previous ways of lightening.

At Unity Beauty, we select the right technique for you and will work hard to improve your appearance and save your hair. Free consultation or video consultation.


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