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Balayage: natural effect hair coloring services in Milan

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It’s normal to get tired of always having the same look, sometimes it’s good to change, and often it starts right from the hair. One can find so many hair coloring techniques and different treatments that one is really spoiled for choice.

The choice depends on the result we want to achieve, for example, we may prefer a gradual shade or a sharper one, a natural effect or a stronger, grittier one. There is a suitable technique for every need, from classic highlights to shatush, the important thing is to have in mind the effect you want to achieve.

Today, however, we want to tell you about a very natural technique that gives hair a shiny effect.

Don’t miss the opportunity to find out how our hair styling service can transform your look.

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Coloring techniques: Balayage

Among the trends of the moment we find balayage, which has actually been around for a long time, but lately it has been making a comeback. This name comes from the French verb “balayer,” or “tobrush,” and in fact that is what the technique consists of, because the hairdresser is like a painter who paints on hair freehand.

This makes it possible to achieve a completely spontaneous and natural mix of reflections. You can choose to concentrate the color only on the lengths but you can also apply it from the root. The end result is an even, luminous shade that can range from brown to blond, brown to light brown, and so on.

With this technique we can also shade colors such as purple, fiery red, light blue, and green, so that the color is very pronounced only in the central part of the head and in the tips.

What is Balayage

Balayage is not only used to make hair blonder, but it goes from brown, to pastel shades and rainbow touches. It is one of the most versatile colors that exist, precisely because it allows us to create any kind of shade. The advantage lies mainly in the fact that it is long-lasting, the color stays vibrant for months and the effect remains shiny for a long time.

In addition, this is a natural-effect coloring, so it is even and spontaneous, without too much separation between the root the tips. It is a way to always have tidy hair and to keep hair healthy, since it is not an invasive technique.

Balayage is perfect for those who want to have colored hair but without having to resort to excessive maintenance, considering that the regrowth is much softer than what we can have with a classic dye job.

Those whose hair is colored in very bright tones know how difficult it can be to keep it shiny, which is why it is essential to choose the right technique so that you don’t have to dye your hair every 15 days, which would be very time-consuming, in addition to the fact that it ruins your hair more.

Before applying this technique, it is important that the hair is in the right condition, since it is a prebleaching product. The time it takes to apply balayage varies greatly depending on hair length, porosity and the result you want to achieve.

Forty-five minutes may be enough, but it can take up to 3 hours in some cases; each case is unique. If you are not convinced that you want to use this technique, you can try it on a small strand so you can see what the final effect is.

Balayage natural effect hair coloring services in Milan6
Balayage natural effect hair coloring services in Milano5
Balayage natural effect hair coloring services in Milan

How to apply Balayage

To apply balayage properly, you must select strands a little at a time as you dye. It is a very instantaneous process that has to be done carefully, but once applied it can last for many, many months, as the contrast with the root is minimal.

Even if time passes, the color will remain very beautiful and vivid, of course the shade will go down but still evenly and naturally, not too drastically. Obviously, the use of this technique should be evaluated: those with very damaged hair should avoid applying it to focus first on making the hair healthier, so the effect will be much more beautiful.

Many people wonder what the difference is between balayage and shatush because they can look very similar. Well shatush creates a less natural result, while balayage creates less contrast between roots and lengths, besides the fact that the procedure is less invasive.

In addition, balayage is more customizable; you can decide which locks to color and which not since you do everything freehand with the help of a brush. In general, the more you brush the strand vertically, the lighter the lightening will be.

It is possible to use maps to perform lightening in more detail but it is not mandatory. Much depends on the hairdresser’s experience and precision. The great thing is that you use oxygen-free products, toning the hair naturally and without ruining it.

Where to achieve a perfect balayage

Balayage is very fashionable but not a recent trend. However, not all salons apply it; it depends a lot on the knowledge of the team. We at Unity Beauty are very keen to offer our clients solutions that do not damage the hair but keep it healthy and strong. Based on the state of the client’s hair, we assess what is the best solution.

We specialize in the application of natural blond, so we know all the main techniques that can be used to get a great result. We help women have healthy, well-groomed hair that can stay in order for many months not just a few days!

We make it a point to give all the useful advice to our clients so that they know how to use the right treatments. We propose only minimally invasive techniques to promote healthy hair growth. They may take longer but they are really worth it!

Every hair is different and therefore needs specific care. Even blond can look natural when applied properly, the important thing is knowing how to apply the right technique and dose the color correctly.

If you want to make a perfect balayage come and see us at Unity Beauty, we are located in the center of Milan, easily accessible by transportation. We will help you find your perfect look without ruining your hair, but making it more beautiful and stronger. Contact Unity Beauty for a free consultation or video consultation!

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