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Babylights: natural hair effect lightening services

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If you are a convinced blonde or simply want to give your hair a new glow, there is a Babylights specialist hairdresser in the Milan area, Unity Beauty, which specializes in lightening and giving the hair a warm hue inspired by the color of the sun and wheat.

To be pampered and spoiled are exclusively women, who will find at their disposal a courteous and competent staff, who will listen to their desires but at the same time identify the best technique to give a to the face the perfect color depending on the complexion and age.

A unique treatment suitable for different types of clients are natural effect lightenings, called in technical parlance Babylights.

Forget the classic sharp, defined highlights and make way for strokes of light in strategic points, which will know how to make the hair stand out and make it shiny, but without creating an artificial effect that no one looks good anymore and only ages the face.

Don’t miss the opportunity to find out how our hair styling service can transform your look.

For more information contact us and let our specialists advise you.

How Babylights are prepared

As with every treatment that is offered by our hair-coach Svetlana and her staff, this one is prepared with the utmost care, balancing each element correctly at the level of colorimetry.

It takes scientific knowledge and great experience to be able to always achieve the right shade, starting with the base color and creating a solution designed specifically for the needs of individual clients.

In fact, the motto of the salon is that there is no such thing as the perfect blond, there is the perfect blond for you, and therefore the purpose of each meeting is to be able to establish the best solution by putting the person in front of you at the center.

In addition, enormous attention is paid to the health of the hair, always using higher quality substances that do not burn the lengths and root beyond repair, as was the case in the past with some overly aggressive formulations.

The key is to pursue the goal of naturally lightening the hair without drastic intervention, as if it were really a gift from the sun in the summer season.

Are you also in the mood for a unique blond? To each his own!

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What are Babylights

You know the naturalness and shine of the hair of a television star like Michelle Hunziker ?

By visiting our salon, you will have the opportunity to achieve a similar result, without damaging the hair but rather making it soft and shiny through the use of mildly aggressive substances.

In simple words, Babylights mean very subtle lightenings, which serve to create three-dimensionality on the hair but are significantly less noticeable than classic highlights.

As for the tone, this is selected depending on the starting base and the type of result to be obtained: usually a slightly lighter shade than the natural one is opted for, to avoid an overly artificial effect that would not give shine to the face.

If you want to lighten more decisively, you can increase the number of highlights so that they are more frequent and the hair appears bright and wheat-colored.

Depending on a person’s complexion you can opt for a warm or cool color, paying close attention to the yellow that tends to come out later.

The staff’s vast experience prevents this problem from coming out, thanks in part to the products used, all of which are of the highest quality and time-tested on even the most delicate hair.

Because it is a dye that is not very aggressive and, above all, is not passed over the entire hair, the result will be less damaged and stronger hair that is able to hold its style and not create an excessive number of split ends.

How Babylights are performed

For greater precision and to allow the substances to act properly, strips of tinfoil are usually used to make the Babylights so that they cover the entire head, starting with the bottom layer of hair.

The head is therefore divided into different areas and sectioned with a special comb equipped with a tip, which is used to divide the strands into small strands of hair and bleach only a small part, leaving the underlying base unaffected.

This operation is repeated until all available hair is finished, leaving the bleach (product) in place long enough to achieve the desired blond. Therefore, the minutes are variable and are conditioned by the more or less clear effect one sets as a goal.

Our staff knows the procedure perfectly and will be able to give you the best color you have ever tried, fitting your complexion and with what your desires are. (We use oxygens at low volumes so as not to damage the hair, for that the treatment sometimes takes longer 3-4h)

Once the laying is deemed sufficient, the maps are removed starting from the lower area so that the hair that underwent the treatment at the beginning can be rinsed first.

You will probably need to apply more than one shampoo to remove the dye as well as a good conditioner to soften the hair from root to tip. then we apply the toner (at Unity Beauty we always do this to get an even color).
In the case of particularly damaged hair, use a mask specifically designed for dryness, which should be left on for a few minutes and then removed with a generous amount of running water.

After this is completed, all that is left to do is to choose the best type of crease for the occasion, to be selected from smooth or wavy, depending on personal taste and the type of commitment you have for the following days.

Therefore, by visiting Unity Beauty you will find all the courtesy and professionalism you need, selecting an innovative treatment that has a price from 220 euros, the costs of which are fully justified by an outstanding result that will revolutionize your look once and for all, making it bright, modern and current.

If what you are looking for is naturalness, this is certainly the solution for you, so request afree consultation or video consultation and be pampered by the expert hands of our staff.

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