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Babylights: discover the technique to get a blond like Michelle Hunziker and Jennifer Aniston

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Imported from the States, Babylights is the new coloring technique for achieving a natural, refreshing lightening that can brighten the hair. A new trend already being exploited by stars such as Jennifer Aniston and Michelle Hunziker to reinvigorate and reflect their hairstyles and sport a jaw-dropping blonde, enhanced with natural, sparkling nuances.

Getting a perfect blonde like Michelle Hunziker’s is not difficult and neither is it a secret reserved for a star. You deserve the perfect blond too! In this case, more than a simple coloring, a real treatment that can give the right highlights to any hair and the freedom to show it off all the time, without resorting to constant appointments to remedy dull or even yellowed shades from time!

Babylight: what it is

Originating overseas, babylight can be literally translated as “baby light,” a term referring to the sunlight-lightening effect on babies’ delicate, soft hair. A touch of summer to wear in every season, discover the secret of the perfect blond, already enjoyed by so many stars!

It consists of very gentle lightenings, at most one or two shades lighter than the starting base, done strand by strand. A tone-on-tone, vertical, balayage-like coloring technique that uses the creation of highlights on small locks, working them one by one in order to recreate the natural sun-lightening effect.

This is painstaking work, the result of which is a gradual, luminous lightening without the risk of ending up with strands of contrasting colors after a while.

The effect is long-lasting, able to revitalize the hairstyle and create an incredible haircounturing effect. Babylight is the perfect natural coloring technique for women seeking shine, delicacy and naturalness to revive their blond hair.

Most importantly, long-lasting, thus avoiding both having to run for cover every time regrowth recurs and the yellowing of discolored locks.

The advantages of this technique besides eliminating the danger of ending up, after a few washes, with the horrible contrast between the bleached locks and one’s base shade, are many more. This perticular bleaching technique guarantees a natural, but above all long-lasting effect, a boon for the health of the scalp and also for the wallet.

Capable of hiding even the regrowth of gray hair, it allows you to extend the time between hair appointments, with the dual benefit of not stressing the hair, but letting it grow healthy and strong, and saving time and money, without sacrificing a well-groomed, eye-catching hair style always.


More than a technique, a work of art

Unlike classic highlights, the hairstylist, will have to work on thinner locks to be bleached with delicate strokes of very similar shades in order to create multifaceted highlights.

The colorist’s task is not only to select the appropriate shades to be used to recreate the natural effect of the sun, but also the different position of the shades and their gradation to give brilliance and three-dimensionality to the whole hair.

The strength of this technique also lies in its ability to brighten certain areas of the face: in fact, the lightenings are strategically placed to enhance facial features, the natural highlights of the hair and the lines of one’s haircut.

Not only schiritura but also an innovative and invisible haircounturing treatment. A study that results in painstaking work with a natural and delicate effect, despite the underlying geometry and regularity of natural and personalized depth.

Brightened and illuminated “naturally,” the different locks and reflections blend together, with a natural seamlessness, just as if they had been sun-kissed. Additional advantage of this technique is that it can also be applied only in particular places such as the bangs, the forelock, the tips or only in certain places according to each person’s needs or desires.

After the treatment you will have locks full of shine and vitality, a must for this fall 2021, in which the trend of the moment is to continue to take a bit of summer with you even off-season.
A compromise between naturalness and fantasy that enhances the blond and all its brightness, lightening and refreshing one’s style.

Babylights not only blond

Created as a real treatment and not just a coloring technique, babylight can be applied to any hair tone, illuminating and enhancing its different shades. Because of its ability to naturally enhance hair as the sun would, it is suitable for any hair, not only blond but also dark brown or even the brightest red.

A sparkling effect for any texture and hair color regardless of short or long haircut unlike other trends such as shatush and shaded. Babylights can perform best even on shorter hair such as bobs, preserving the hair fiber from too frequent and aggressive treatments. A trick that is there but cannot be seen!

Fine and delicate seamless shades are the result of a study of the hair that the colorist performs before applying the brightener. Choosing the location and the different colors to apply between the hairs is also crucial: only by lightening without continuity can the natural effect be achieved and the horrible patchy effect be averted.

The right solution for all those women who are eager to revive their hair, but who are always in a hurry and very busy, have no time to waste, ever, and therefore need to rely on a professional and safe solution to never disfigure.

Finally, beyond all these benefits, the additional peculiarity of this treatment should be mentioned: taking care of it is simple and does not require too much time.

Stepping out of the salon to care for your babylights and keep the shimmering highlights as long as possible, just rely on a protective shampoo rich in antioxidants to protect them from fading.

A moisturizing, protective and reflecting conditioner is also ideal for caring for your blond, along with a heat-protecting spray where straighteners need to be used, to protect the hair from the heat of the blow dryer.

To prolong the ultra-shiny effect of your locks, it is always advisable to rely on the advice of your hairdresser, buying only quality products suitable for your hair so as to care for your hair deeply and ward off the dull effect.

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