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Are split ends haunting you? Here are the best products, masks and professional treatments

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One of the problems that plagues hair the most is the presence of annoying split ends. Split ends make hair dull, dull and lacking vitality. Acting in time allows them to be completely eliminated, restoring new light and vitality to the hair.

At Unity Beauty, we bring you the best professional treatments and solutions to eliminate split ends both in the salon and at home. Let’s find out together what split ends are and how you can eliminate them with quality targeted treatments.

What are split ends

Split ends, scientifically referred to as trichoptilosis, are an alteration of the hair shaft characterized by a change in the structure and shape of the hair.
Split ends originate from a fracture in the hair that literally appears split at the tip when viewed.

There are many causes of this hair shaft fracture:
– the heat generated by hair dryers and straighteners;
The excessive energy used to brush the hair, particularly when the hair is still wet;
– use of aggressive treatments repeated over time or carried out in close time periods, such as chemical bleaching and ironing;
Failure to use healing and emollient products that can preserve the physiology of the hair.


The best treatments to eliminate and prevent split ends

You probably also think that one of the most effective remedies to combat and permanently eliminate split ends is to cut your hair. This remedy works only partially.

While in fact cutting the hair visually eliminates unsightly split ends, it is totally insufficient to ensure a recovery of their physiological health.

We at Unity Beauty, always focused on beauty and hair care, have chosen for you the best Felps brand products and are the only Felps Professional distributors in Italy. This brand’s products are excellent value for money and are created with the best natural ingredients to ensure high quality and respect for hair health at all times.

Among the best treatments to be performed at Unity Beauty salons are protein fillers, lipid masks and nano-reconstruction with Felps lamination.

The care of split ends with home treatments

After the in-salon treatment you can continue to care for your hair at home with specific treatments and products for Home use such as shampoos, masks and natural oils, products rich in natural extracts such as macadamia nuts, marula, bamboo, argan etc.

All recommended treatments are from the Felps brand, which you can purchase at our salons and soon you will also be able to purchase them through (still in production). In the following paragraphs you will find some of the best products we have selected for you to care for and treat split ends.

Bamboo extract

Bamboo is a plant rich in minerals and vitamins. The products in the Bamboo line can restore the strength of the hair shaft and provide new flexibility, strength, nutrients, deep hydration and shine to the hair.

Bamboo extract also allows hair to grow faster. This treatment is recommended for all hair types, particularly hair that is characterized by brittleness, dryness, dullness, and very slow growth.

SOS treatment:

The SOS treatment is a real shock treatment, suitable for people who have an urgent need to revive damaged, broken, porous and dehydrated hair due to excessive use of chemicals, high temperatures of hair dryers, straighteners, curling irons and other aggressions caused by external agents, such as pollution and the sun. This treatment manages to act quickly thanks to the presence of Moringa and Argan oils, which can deeply nourish the hair shaft while repairing it from damage.


Verniz is a treatment that contains a mix of fine oils, enriched by vitamin E, valuable ingredients for hair that can effectively treat both the scalp and the ends. This treatment also has an antioxidant action, which can combat damage caused by free radicals.
Verniz is able to restore hair’s lost shine, gives hydration, softness and silkiness, making hair super soft to the touch and beautiful to look at.


The products in the Marula line are highly nourishing, suitable for all hair types, especially dry and damaged hair. This line features incredible fragrance and the formula is enriched with Marula oil, vitamin C, Omega 6 and 9.


The Nuts line is formulated with Brazilian seeds such as Amazon Nut and Macadamia and is entirely salt-free. This treatment is suitable for all hair types and in particular is perfect for hair damaged by chemical treatments such as dyeing, highlights or straightening. It promotes shine and softness, going deep to nourish even the most brittle and damaged hair.

Tips and habits to avoid split ends

In addition to the use of specific treatments and products for split ends, there are a number of essential habits to follow by which split ends can be prevented and reduced:

– do not let the hair dry naturally, but always use a hair dryer at a medium-low temperature;
– avoid rubbing wet hair with a towel, but dab gently and prefer a microfiber towel rather than a terrycloth towel;
– after drying the hair always apply a keratin-based emollient oil to the ends, you will make the hair shiny and the oil will act by nourishing and improving the hair structure;
– at the beach or pool always rinse hair with mineral water;
– to tie your hair always use soft rubber bands, so you will avoid breaking your hair;
– to brush hair use combs with wide teeth and made of natural materials such as wood;
– Cut hair regularly to keep the ends healthy at all times;
– nourish and care for hair with specific treatments both at home and in the salon;
– eat in a balanced way, prioritizing foods rich in vitamins and omega-3s.

For shiny hair free of split ends, turn to the professionals at Unity Beauty Milano. Before going to the salon, you can book your appointment to receive a free consultation to choose the treatment that best suits your needs.

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