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Airtouch: professional hair coloring services with natural effect

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Do you like blond and would like to sport wheat-colored hair that sparkles with bright highlights like sunlight? Do you care about the health of your hair, about seeing it shiny and light, and are afraid that too aggressive a treatment or dye job might make it brittle and stubborn? The Airtouch technique is what you need.

Don’t miss the opportunity to find out how our hair styling service can transform your look.

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If you find yourself in all these points, and are looking for the hairdresser perfect for you, you have come to the right place. We at Unity Beauty are experts in color, in fact we are mostly specializing in blond. Our beauty salon in center in Milan is ready to welcome you with wide-open doors to fulfill your dream of having wonderful blonde hair, worthy of being worn by a proud woman who wants to enhance and celebrate all her femininity, like you.

We are very careful about the products we use, and our ways of working are extremely thorough to ensure that the health of your hair is maintained. To you who are looking for the best to get your blond hair, we will show that it is possible to have beautiful colored hair that bursts with health and radiance.

You should know that we are constantly studying all the new techniques that the international vistas offer. We learn from experts around the world their secrets for reserving you and your hair a treatment of excellence.

We always keep up with new trends to offer you a different, innovative solution tailored to you every time. Based on your preferences, we will do everything to fulfill your wishes by giving you the perfect result you deserve. Nothing less is allowed.

Our extremely qualified staff will bring all their expertise to bear to achieve the blond you desire, whatever shade you want. And don’t worry about the classic mistakes that can happen when doing a dye job: we are masters of natural blond in Milan, and you’ll see that once you leave our store, you won’t even remember your old color.

If you particularly like a natural-effect blond, we have just the freshest solution for you: the Airtouch technique. Once you’ve tried it, you won’t want to abandon it.

Airtouch: hair coloring services



The Airtouch technique: what it consists of

First, a little history to explain what this technique consists of and what makes it unique. The birth ofAirtouch was due to Russian hairdresser Vladimir Sarbashev, who, in his beauty salon in Moscow, was trying to get around the problem that different bleaching techniques entail, namely the dreaded regrowth.

He then decided to devise a way to achieve a more natural result, applying the color to the length of the hair but not to the root, and thus making sure that the new dye conformed to each woman’s natural hair color. And here is the Airtouch.

The secret to achieving this beautiful effect is not to distribute the brightener evenly over the entire head, but to select a few strategic points in which to apply it to bring out the shades of blond in a way that looks really natural.

It starts by dividing the hair into sections. You take the ends of individual strands between your fingers and, with the help of the blow dryer, blow air to easily, quickly, and without possibility of error separate the hair that is to be lightened from the hair that will instead retain its color.

In fact, shorter hair and hair in the lower layers will be automatically pushed out. Those that will remain in the hairdresser’s hands will be the longer ones, and those that will need to be lightened.

This is a technique specifically designed to achieve a natural light-and-shadow effect that renders especially on blond hair, making it look sun-kissed. Unlike the already popular Balayage the Airtouch selects the hair to be lightened almost randomly, and this is decisive in increasing the naturalness of highlights and shades even more.

What about regrowth? You will be able to forget about this problem because your original color will conform perfectly to your new shades, and the inches growing at the root will not be noticeable for several months. You can also forget about the famous retouching that often only exacerbates the difference between shades.

If you choose to try the Airtouch technique for your 100% natural blond hair, you will feel glamorous, confident and naturally beautiful as never before.

With Airtouch: blond, natural and healthy hair

Not only beauty, femininity and natural appearance, but Airtouch is also perfect for you who cherish so much To the health of your wonderful hair and you don’t want them to get damaged, split ends, frizz, or take on that typical straw-like appearance that often happens if you rely on inexperienced hairdressers.

Going blond is a process that inevitably risks damaging the texture, and therefore the health of your hair, as bleaching products are often harsh preparations. The damage is all the more severe and obvious the more quickly the result is sought.

The consequence will be damaged hair that is even difficult to recover. Then you will have to go to another salon, begin a restorative treatment, and remedy that unpleasant shade of yellowed blond that will have emerged in the meantime. A significant investment of money, of your valuable time and, most importantly, of your sense of security.

For this reason, Airtouch is the ideal solution, as it does not bleach all the hair: the dye is applied below the root, and never comes in contact with the skin. This completely safeguards the hair follicles without attacking them in any way with chemical agents. In addition, the treatment does not need to be repeated frequently, as you will never notice the gap between the natural part of the hair and the lightened part for a minimum of 2-3 months.

Even when it is time to redo the bleaching, the bleach will not be reapplied on the same spots, and this is critical so as not to weaken the hair.

No matter what kind of hue you want your hair to take: the Airtouch technique plays with different lengths to give you an infinite range of shades that only natural color could match. You can choose from a total blond, a darker shade tending toward ash, or glacial highlights. Every woman has the blond of her dreams, and whatever yours is, turn to us and you will be amazed.

Unity Beauty: top professionalism for your natural effect blond

With the Airtouch technique, you will achieve an unprecedented natural effect that no other coloring method can achieve. But for the result to be perfect, it is essential that the procedure be carried out meticulously and precisely.

That is why it is important to rely, especially for innovative methodologies such as this, on centers that represent the top of dedicated personal care services. And we at Unity Beauty can proudly and without sin of dishonesty say that we are a state-of-the-art salon that puts all its professionalism and dedication at your service to give you the perfection you deserve.

Another principle that prevails with us, and of which we are proud, is our honesty. We won’t lie to you: airtouch is a long process and requires a lot of patience, both from you and from our hairdressers. Expect to have to stay in our salon for between 4 and 6 hours. Therefore the price of this operation will be high (from 350 euros), but the result will last 2-3 months minimum.

However, we can guarantee you all the transparency you need to trust us: we will not charge for cut, toning, and blow-dry separately, nor for the products we use to wash and treat damaged hair (we often give you Express lamination worth 50€ as a gift). Everything is included in the price you will be advanced, and you will not have any nasty surprises when you pay.

For a high expense, moreover, you will see that the end result will live up to your expectations and perhaps exceed them. Above all, it will be long-lasting: we assure you that for several months you will have healthy hair that is not ruined by bleaching, perfectly tidy, needs no touch-up, and has a sparkling color to make even natural blondes envious.Hair is the emblem of femininity, an essential element in a woman’s appearance, determining her feeling beautiful and confident.

Something so important cannot be left to chance. You deserve to have the best the beauty industry has to offer. You deserve the care and attention to detail, the painstaking pursuit of perfection that only true professionals can ensure. You deserve to devote yourself to your well-being in a place where you can feel welcomed and pampered by people who will help you enhance your personality and uniqueness. Entrust your hair to the expert hands of Unity Beauty , and you will not regret it.


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