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Getting pampered is known to help eliminate stress. The client sits down, disconnects from thoughts, and takes a break.

But it’s not just a matter of stress; pampering and self-care also boost self-esteem. People who indulge in salon time tend to feel better.

Some times all it takes is a manicure, make-up or whatever to feel like a whole new person. All this increases self-esteem and improves overall mental and physical well-being.

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Hands and nails: an important calling card and the mirror of our state of health. Taking care of one’s hands is important.

A tidy and creative manicure is a true beauty accessory.

Having well-groomed, healthy and aesthetically perfect hands and nails is essential to feeling good and confident at all times.


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Feet are our support every day, and it is essential that they are cared for during all seasons.

Of course, in summer, a beautiful foot also serves an important aesthetic function.

Pedicures are concerned with restoring the well-being of the nails, which are constricted by footwear during the winter months, and eliminating roughness in the outermost areas, such as the heels or big toe. At the end of the treatment, the foot looks younger and fresher.


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– Eyelash extension is a technique that helps you emphasize your eye contour and get a real doe-eyed look.

A unique solution that involves the application of false eyelashes to create volume and light that lasts for about 3 weeks.

Eyelash Laminating is a cosmetic treatment to define and fix lashes, making them longer, thicker and curvier.

Look more intense and radiant without resorting to the use of false eyelashes or mascara, in a natural and long-lasting way.


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Eyebrow Laminating is a state-of-the-art aesthetic treatment that has been trending in recent years.

It allows you to redefine, nourish and give color to your eyebrows., making the look more attractive and seductive.


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Facial makeup plays a vital role in every woman’s cosmetics, as it can smooth and even out the complexion, brighten, erase blemishes and correct imperfections.


Basic makeup, nude – 70€

Special makeup, event, evening – €100

Semi-permanent makeup

The effect is that of make-up that is always alive and bright, without the need to fix it all the time.

The advantage of this treatment is precisely to avoid hours and hours in front of the mirror retouching one’s make-up.

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Why choose us


We love the care of every detail, we believe that hair even if dyed can always look healthy and natural.

Every treatment or color born in Unity is perfect, profound and personalized.

Our logo is represented by petals, where each petal represents a part of the Feminine Universe: Mind, Body, Soul and Beauty.

We like to thoroughly understand every fragment of this world no matter how complex.

And every aspect of this Universe is supported by our values.

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Technicians with experience and study of multi-years. Patience in solving “impossible, difficult” cases. Specialize in colorimetry, blondes, shades and cuts.


Attention to hair care. Delicacy of treatments that preserves hair health. Customized paths


Premium segment products: Wella, Madavita, Redken, Felps Brazil Prof, Kevin Murphy


GoogleMaps rating 4.9 and Treatwell 4.8
2 min from Missori Square and 5 min from the Cathedral

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  • Via dell’Unione 16, 20123 Milan
  • Subway: Missori / Duomo
  • Parking: piazza Diaz or Torre Velasca
  • Days: Monday to Saturday
  • Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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